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18th Jan 2018 06:38
Message from Bobbylon
Hi, I created a game on your map War of the Ring. You might be interested in joining it. ;)
#75 of 75
11th Sep 2017 10:57
Message from Abishai
Finally got to #2 on Ancient Isles :D. I think I might switch my focus to Swamps soon...
#74 of 75
8th May 2017 10:39
Message from Thingol
Thanks. Works for me cuz I only have a certain number of them live. My goal is 10, which should cover about 2/3 of my avatar by then. 😀
#73 of 75
25th Feb 2017 15:33
Message from Leetz
Love the arena standard map, good job again with that one. Forgot to mention that I noticed the points of power have not been giving their +2 location bonus.
#72 of 75
13th May 2015 07:54
Message from BTdubs
On the Swamps map, the vision from the witch house in the upper left is screwy -- can't see the troop numbers or owner of the territories that attack it, and can't see some of the near edges of the continent in the upper corner. Also there seems to be an across-water dotted line that is obscured but the witch house. I already made a mistake by thinking there was no border there...
#71 of 75
9th May 2015 20:11
Message from Abishai
Saw that you were on vacation. Hope you are enjoying yourself out there wherever you are.
#70 of 75
12th Apr 2015 16:31
Message from Abishai
Awesome! I look forward to seeing the sequel map. Keep me posted 😃
#69 of 75
11th Apr 2015 14:11
Message from Abishai
Wrote a review of ancient isles, please reply to me somewhere so I know what your thoughts are on the points made.
#68 of 75
31st Oct 2014 02:34
Message from psilofyr
Hey been away, back now. I can certainly make a new scenario in Risk of Thrones as per your request, I am not sure I know how to update the scenarios on a live board though. It seems like there are still quite a few glitches with that one, and I meant for the basic board to be its own scenario as well, so its a bit of work. PS if you want I have a new board dev game: http://www.wargear.net/games/join/400741
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4th Apr 2014 21:28
Message from Superman
Kjeld, on your board, The Lorax, I can't watch the history of the game. There might be something wrong.
#66 of 75
28th Nov 2013 11:10
Message from poq
Would have loved to join your team in On the Doorstep, but I came back from vacation too late. Good luck!
#65 of 75
18th Nov 2013 07:31
Message from BlackDog
Hey Kjeld, in the small version of Gates of Hell, the hell rock territory to the right of the bottom dukedom is incorrectly an antechamber territory with a +1 continent bonus instead of the hell rock penalty. Awesome map though!
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8th Jul 2013 16:31
Message from BTdubs
I kind of feel like we should get a solid third player and challenge anyone to beat us when we play as good.
#63 of 75
24th Mar 2013 21:51
Message from BTdubs
This game is getting epic: http://www.wargear.net/games/view/218903 Medium fog, so I think you can get some sense of the action even though it's still ongoing. I have a feeling that I'm gonna be slapping my forehead when I see what was actually going on.
#62 of 75
24th Mar 2013 18:51
Message from BTdubs
Am really enjoying the Hex board and all its variations. Wanted to let you know that there's a missing border in the Pirates version - Trantor 11 to Pirate 69.
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23rd Feb 2013 17:53
Message from Aiken Drumn
#60 of 75
13th Feb 2013 17:27
Message from Korrun
The description on Total Wargear II says that airfields hold 20 units, but on the map it says (and actually is) 15 units.
#59 of 75
28th Jan 2013 12:40
Message from FurBabe
Did we just win Beach Party II or not?
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17th Jan 2013 23:17
Message from Yertle
Heya Kjeld, Out of curiosity, what determines the View Only borders on your HexGear board?
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29th Nov 2012 22:53
Message from poq
I am having so much fun on your War of the Ring map! It's really fantastic! Thanks for investing the energy.
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