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I made the top ten in Global Rankings! Oh, I am so happy! :-) Won't last, but then again only True Love does. . .

. . .oh well. Call me Icarus. . .

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26th Nov 2013 23:55
Message from SwampThingTom
Yo, FurBabe, you finally convinced me to join, sweetie! Invite me to a game. :-)
#48 of 48
22nd Nov 2013 20:04
Message from milo67
#47 of 48
29th Oct 2013 03:00
Message from limburg
rage quit..
#46 of 48
27th Oct 2013 14:20
Message from Korrun
Regarding your truce proposal in the invention game, it seems hard to take your dire report seriously when you just took Chile and Bolivia from me.
#45 of 48
14th Oct 2013 16:18
Message from krusksmash
I'm sorry Furbabe, I've been in the process of moving and havent had time to get on here.
#44 of 48
12th Oct 2013 00:07
Message from ActionRaccoon
I need you to attack Blue this turn in Up the creek.
#43 of 48
30th Sep 2013 16:54
Message from Michkov
OK, stay out of Africa and we have a deal
#42 of 48
27th Sep 2013 10:55
Message from Kancercakes
Thinking about it more. Let's truce until we kill Orange. It is damn near impossible to take any houses, so no reason to leave 5 huts around.
#41 of 48
27th Sep 2013 10:11
Message from Kancercakes
I agree with the alliance in Mushroom Mayham with the one exception that I will clear out that one troop who is keeping the bonus out of my continent. Terms will be until orange has no more than 5 houses. Agreed?
#40 of 48
24th Sep 2013 05:29
Message from Blood Stone
Now I'll have to put in some extra effort to suicide all my armies into you. Love Blood Stone
#39 of 48
22nd Sep 2013 08:20
Message from Blood Stone
I'll see what I can do, where is his main armies located?
#38 of 48
1st Sep 2013 20:46
Message from itsnotatumor
Sneaky, strategic player, and a joy to chat with. Besos!
#37 of 48
29th Jul 2013 16:39
Message from Teamster
There's a Skyrim tourney that's about to start, you can join me if you want.
#36 of 48
13th May 2013 02:32
Message from CougarDom
Yeah, that works in 11. Can you move one ant out of the burrow I'm going for?
#35 of 48
14th Feb 2013 19:51
Message from aerofan80
Sorry, had to start attacking now that purple is basically done.
#34 of 48
8th Feb 2013 15:31
Message from Red1
One problem in the east verses west game. I need the central ocean. If you are good with that then I can chill out on our boarder in South America.
#33 of 48
30th Jan 2013 10:13
Message from Adahlie
#32 of 48
28th Jan 2013 13:28
Message from Kjeld
Damn straight we did!
#31 of 48
1st Jan 2013 20:20
Message from KtheConqueror
sounds good to me :)
#30 of 48
30th Dec 2012 20:56
Message from Mad Bomber
Come play with me.... I have many open games...if not no big deal....
#29 of 48
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