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20th Jul 2021 05:53
Message from Aiken Drumn
Be a Bear! http://www.wargear.net/games/join/800714
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12th Apr 2017 23:04
Message from Thingol
Concur with Litotes. Korrun definitely downplays how good he is.
#16 of 17
18th Mar 2017 15:55
Message from Litotes
In appreciation of having won five consecutive games against me, you are hereby awarded the "Not bad" award: https://www.allmystery.de/i/tabacb3_barack-obama-not-bad-face-32.jpeg :)
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18th Nov 2016 11:08
Message from Aiken Drumn
Capitals seem to stack for sharks, but not for positive bonus? I just captured several capitals and sharks and my units per turn plummetted! Is this intended?!
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24th Sep 2013 06:59
Message from M57
Congrats on the Waterloo Tourney Victory - You beat one of the best in the finals.
#13 of 17
27th Apr 2013 19:27
Message from KillDawg
Nice! I see what you did there, bested me at my own game. I can be so dense sometimes.
#12 of 17
20th Apr 2013 16:52
Message from Aiken Drumn
Oh you delicious bastard! :D
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14th Feb 2013 11:17
Message from Kjeld
Thanks, fixed that for you.
#10 of 17
27th Dec 2012 16:46
Message from DBA72
No worries mate.
#9 of 17
26th Dec 2012 06:40
Message from M57
Don't worry about the slow start -- you played well in your recent game against me. I started with superior placement and also had happy dice. If you find yourself keeping more than 5 or so games open all the time, I highly recommend getting a premium membership. There are tools like unit count and luck stats, which, though they give you no clear advantage, make play easier and more enjoyable.
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25th Dec 2012 23:27
Message from Quazimoto
LOL, no problems then
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25th Dec 2012 00:03
Message from Quazimoto
You gotta tell me what game, I have quite a few.
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17th Dec 2012 03:05
Message from Toto
It's nice to have this talk together. I understand your point, and, ok, I don't take it personal. When you will be as experienced as be, you might realize it's not you would should attack me but Yellow. You are playing right after me so my not attacking me you would force the other 2 to attack me, all the more because yellow is a bit stronger than me (even with a smallest bonus, he has more cards and more armies) and much stonger than you. So you shoud always try to leave the strong boys fight together, I think. Anyway you have 4 cards and you are worth being eliminatd now...
#5 of 17
15th Dec 2012 05:49
Message from Toto
Also, if you had attacked the real AUtralia instead of the Asian one, you would have suffered no retaliation from me, nor from IRsmart as he is so far from you. And you would be much better off now. I know I am a bit lecturing you, but attacking an experienced player like me, stronger in this game,really looks like a noob's mistake.
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15th Dec 2012 05:33
Message from Toto
Are you kidding ? You attacked only 1 territory ? yes but it was my main continent and you killed many armies to do it. Also the round after you took from me tha asian Australia. And you still don't commit yourself to stop attacking me, despite I offered a truce. So I can't trust you and I have to get ready for your next attack, which mean I had to weaken you. I think your strategy is a losing one, all the more as I am stronger than you. If you keep on, we will both lose, I don't care.
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14th Dec 2012 03:37
Message from Toto
You attacked me in the game Surf Up, so I had to retaliate. But now you are the only one without any continent. Time to stop this losing strategy ? As long as you don't attack me, I will leave you in peace.
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5th Dec 2012 22:04
Message from Cona Chris
Saw your post on Spy vs. Spy. I enjoyed our game - that board is a lot of fun and can be different every time. To respond to your question: I think the game is pretty balanced for both sides. Black (which goes first) can get the middle and would be (if White does not attack) the first player to get 2 units to place on a turn, which if played right, can be a huge weapon. But then white has the extra unit and is able to defend one critical spot with 2 most of the time. Plus, if black is very aggressive on their first two turns, they leave themselves vulnerable to an attack by White that if successful (and 61% of the time it will be) and played right after that, will cause black to never get another unit where white will still get 1 new unit each turn. I generally prefer to be White, but you have to be on your toes and think ahead to where Black might be planning to attack.
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