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Abstract & Deterministic games:

Chess, Chess960, Four Player Chess
Reversi, Othello

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Risk (WarGear, LandGrab, Warzone)
Backgammon, Tapa, Gul bara
Yahtzee, Generala
Royal Game of Ur

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Turn-based strategy (TBS):

Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death
Heroes of Might and Magic III: In the Wake of Gods
Heroes of Might and Magic III: Horn of the Abyss
Sid Meier's Civilization III
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth
Medieval: Total War
Medieval II: Total War
Rome: Total War
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy
King's Bounty
Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares

Real time strategy (RTS):

Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
Age of Mythology
Dune II: Battle for Arrakis
Dune 2000
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
StarCraft: Brood War
Alien Nations
Z: Steel Soldiers
Celtic Kings

Turn-based tactics (TBT):

Chaos: The Battle of Wizards

Real time tactics (RTT):

Medieval: Total War
MechCommander 2
Sudden Strike: Forever

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29th Mar 2018 11:54
Message from Mad Bomber
You need ten completed games to be ranked......complete one more regular game and your numbers will show up
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22nd Mar 2018 22:58
Message from Thingol
Hey Bobbylon - to your message "Do you know after how many completed games one enters the ranking lists of the server?" Actually, you start accruing board points on each board immediately when you play them. Now, to get championship points on a specific board, there are a lot of factors. It depends greatly on the volume of play on a certain board. If a board is lightly played, it's possible to gain a championship point or two by getting the board points to 1100 (you start at 1000). Some boards get tons of play and it may take a lot of wins just to gain a point. So, it's all based on relativity of the particular board. The most championship points you can get associated to a single board is 20 and that's if you're ranked #1 on it and have played a lot of games.
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18th Jan 2018 05:00
Message from Thingol
Sure thing - send me an invite.
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