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27th May 2024 16:23
Message from Templaribus
Hello, Superman! :) I hope you are fine! :) Please join the newest tournament on Gunslinger board (where we first talked to each other, by the way LOL)! You are very good there, a strong candidate to the trophy! ;) https://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/3933
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16th Dec 2014 19:59
Message from Cona Chris
Congrats on your first board getting released!!!
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24th Jul 2014 18:29
Message from Cona Chris
There is a major problem with the stats and points - lots of people are cleared off and Championship Points are not being awarded for many boards. No idea what the problem is, but I've told Tom about it.
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21st Apr 2014 14:48
Message from Cona Chris
Ah, I see - thanks! I'll have to get that back sometime. He'll be after it again as soon as I get it back, so I may wait a while to try for the top spot on that board again.
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23rd Mar 2014 00:56
Message from Cona Chris
Thanks for the kind words! I just keep trying new maps to get the new CPs. It keeps everything fresh and fun.
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1st Feb 2014 05:21
Message from AJMadness
I think the site help files have more on it.
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1st Feb 2014 05:20
Message from AJMadness
you should really look into simulgear, games tend to be more like real time strategy as everyone puts in their list of moves at the same time and submits....then the system goes turn by turn doing them, so you have to kind of guess what you think your opponent will do.
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23rd Jan 2014 19:18
Message from Cona Chris
The army ranks and personal achievements went live today. They've been talking about doing something like this on the Forums for a while - didn't know it was coming until it just popped up today!
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21st Jan 2014 11:11
Message from Cona Chris
I did make it? I don't see it! Funny. NWO started a Round Robin one today. I'll invite you to that one.
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20th Jan 2014 21:34
Message from Cona Chris
Now I remember why I don't set up many tournaments :( I can't get a trophy to be the size that is required (400 x 400) - everything on the internet, even if it says it is bigger, is too small - I can't figure it out. Going to ask Mad Bomber to start one up.
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18th Jan 2014 18:13
Message from Cona Chris
I hope I do hit 500! Hopefully it is very soon!
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