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31st Oct 2014 02:43
Message from psilofyr
hey doing a dev game on a new board if you are interested - http://www.wargear.net/games/join/400740
#18 of 18
3rd Dec 2013 22:10
Message from Kjeld
Saved a spot for you (along with KillDawg) in the new War of the Ring team tourney if you're still game!
#17 of 18
11th Oct 2013 18:54
Message from JamesHayward
On Fog on the Barrow-downs, he's very weak behind the 14 on your door. Just 1's everywhere
#16 of 18
6th Oct 2013 08:53
Message from Iniquitous Gnome
yowch! what a shocking map to come back to....
#15 of 18
4th Oct 2013 07:17
Message from Iniquitous Gnome
you got it
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23rd Sep 2013 06:58
Message from Chinnie
Hi poq, I see that you are next to me in the game IRRATIONAL PROTUBERANCE. I think a truce would be benificary for both of us. What do you think?
#13 of 18
22nd Sep 2013 19:33
Message from ActionRaccoon
Hey man! Good luck in Hail Panglacia!
#12 of 18
22nd Sep 2013 08:21
Message from JamesHayward
Ok That's fine!
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5th Jun 2013 19:04
Message from Thingol
Poq, can you boot the Japan player in the A & A game over on WF? I need to unlock that map for updates and I cannot unlock while a game is active.
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3rd Jan 2013 19:27
Message from MarekVarro
If it interests you, I think it would be mutually beneficial for the both of us to align against red (quazimoto) in your game "Sweeping The World". Regardless, good luck and have fun!
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3rd Jan 2013 14:55
Message from 3EyedTitan
Still a little jealous about you winning that Star Wars Trophy.
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24th Dec 2012 14:39
Message from k w cheng
It's out of my control. I don't think Orange is on our side. I suspect he even allied with green
#7 of 18
10th Dec 2012 19:54
Message from k w cheng
I think Orange is the main threat now
#6 of 18
3rd Dec 2012 20:03
Message from k w cheng
Did you also ally with Orange? without him, it's hard....
#5 of 18
2nd Dec 2012 15:13
Message from k w cheng
Yes, but you should stop attacking my backyard. and also unit with Orange or all of us will going to be conquered.
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28th Nov 2012 21:08
Message from Scarecrow
I'm trying. Just last turn he had all of Rhun and I took it from him. Check itsnot's profile, they've been working together for awhile now. As soon as I break up Rohan limburg's going to come over the top and then itsnot is going to take us both out.
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26th Aug 2012 12:25
Message from Snoochie Boochies
I think only the author of the map can do that, let me know all that you would like and Ill create one
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25th Aug 2012 23:25
Message from Snoochie Boochies
I havent tried that yet, that could be a good idea :)
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