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25th Jan 2014 12:44
Message from BTdubs
Just figured out which game you were asking me about - I posted an explanation. Still proud to be the only person who's beaten you on the 23 x 23.
#56 of 56
21st Oct 2013 20:47
Message from BTdubs
I'm curious as to what you would have done in my shoes in the Hell Yes game we're both in. Seemed to me like what I did was a bad option, but once yellow headed for the same turf as me, I couldn't come up with a better one...
#55 of 56
10th May 2013 10:19
Message from Cona Chris
Congrats on eclipsing the 400 CP Mark!
#54 of 56
20th Jan 2013 09:12
Message from Mad Bomber
only 2 more games...........will you go over the edge or hang em up?
#53 of 56
4th Jan 2013 15:56
Message from ratsy
Yeah, I saw that too. I lost my patience there and started to try something different... If orange had chosen to go after you things would have been different, he played it just right. That was great game. =:0)
#52 of 56
3rd Jan 2013 20:06
Message from ratsy
I just watched the history for our House of Fog Game - Blind and Dying. I made a few mistakes, but you didn't make any. At all. I admire your patience. Well done!
#51 of 56
11th Sep 2012 22:20
Message from DBA72
This man is a good...strong player. Much respect...he has beaten my ass plenty of times...badly, lol!
#50 of 56
29th May 2012 22:20
Message from Thing
Thanks for the feedback on the CTF map. I just got around to fixed the missing borders. Thanks.
#49 of 56
19th May 2012 19:21
Message from Thingol
I'm hitting Edoras, than Minas Tirith with combined 25, then Sea of Rhun late with 8. I have a feeling he won't defend it strenuosly.
#48 of 56
14th May 2012 16:15
Message from Thingol
I'm sacrificing my 25 against Minas Tirith this turn...I need to force some attrition on his troops there and also help my forces get out of Mordor.
#47 of 56
9th May 2012 15:19
Message from Thingol
We cannot allow Green to take Eriador with it's large bonus...I think your forces and the Witch-King's will need to combo attack into that area next turn.
#46 of 56
25th Jan 2012 16:31
Message from BorisTheFrugal
It's my second trophy. The other of which was also from a team tournament where my partner carried me.
#45 of 56
21st Nov 2011 11:30
Message from Amidon37
On Gunslinger - the only change I made was shortly after it was released I lowered the barrels from 15 to 10. So, sounds like a bug to me. Glad you like that board.
#44 of 56
1st Nov 2011 11:30
Message from Alpha
I just read the thread about replay and was going to suggest that someone had clicked the replay button or that there was a bug which propagated these games. I am glad that they are now gone.
#43 of 56
1st Nov 2011 11:19
Message from Alpha
Your Question: What's up with the 15 'Five' games I have been invited to with you? I have no idea what this is about since I have not initiated any game in about two months, let alone games of Five.
#42 of 56
23rd Aug 2011 14:22
Message from Mad Bomber
10 T wins.......wOw...i knew u were gonna win that micro machines tournament
#41 of 56
20th Aug 2011 23:44
Message from Kjeld
Good suggestion on Total WarGear. I promoted a new version with max of 20 on each capital.
#40 of 56
18th Aug 2011 21:43
Message from Rasputin
I shall pass you some day! Of course you'll have to automatically surrender a bunch of games, then retire. Then maybe just maybe ill get there, but you retire just makes sure to lose 1000 games to me alone. That should even out the rankings.
#39 of 56
15th Aug 2011 15:37
Message from BorisTheFrugal
You waited longer than I would have been able to. But that's why you have the record that you have, and I have the one I do.
#38 of 56
15th Aug 2011 15:25
Message from BorisTheFrugal
Bravo in this: http://www.wargear.net/games/player/78914 Finally got to go see what happened. Very well played.
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