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2nd Mar 2024 12:04
Message from notbad4ahuman
Hi! I was just checking out your Dune map you made in 2016. Was it never approved? I'd love to work with you on updating the graphics and get it finished.
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3rd Oct 2022 22:02
Message from Shredder
Great game. Bring it Back. House of Dragons.
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27th Oct 2016 21:16
Message from The Cooler
I don't know if this can be fixed, but it would be nice to have a list for "Risk of Thrones" with every house listed with their corresponding capital to refer back to during play and obviously prior to game start. Also I noticed the colors for the capitals and the Houses don't always match. Other than that great board and I look forward to playing it a lot, (so far I have only played it once.
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7th Apr 2015 15:02
Message from vbbartlett
Love the Westeros map!!! Would be perfect if the house colors were fixed... But thanks again for the great map!
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6th Nov 2014 16:31
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey, please invite me to all the Galactic Empires Devs. Looks cool.
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24th Jul 2014 13:46
Message from Kjeld
Would you be willing to make a scenario that's the same as Home is Where the House Is, except that start positions are not locked to player color? I like to use orange, but the Volantis start position is absolutely terrible...
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16th Jul 2014 13:20
Message from Reydar
Im playing risk of thrones with 4 of my friends. I selected The Magisters as my team and the home is where the house is scenario. When the games started all my troops were on the Volantine which is terrible. I thought my troops were supposed to start on my capitol. Other players started on their captiols. Not Happy
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24th Jun 2014 11:05
Message from Kancercakes
On Risk of Thrones(Home is Where the House is) The Dothraki Sea continent is coming up as a +1 and it shows that it should be a +2. I thought maybe I just needed the city, but then looked at Iron Islands which have the +2 without the cities. Just a FYI.
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12th Jun 2014 19:07
Message from Kjeld
For the Game of Thrones map, would you mind turning on team unit transfer? It would make team games a lot more fun, thanks!
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17th Apr 2014 11:10
Message from TheStargazer
On your Game of Thrones map, how is the spying on other capitals supposed to work? Seems like on each map I see only one random capital of another player, and once and a while it seems to change.
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10th Apr 2014 00:53
Message from PresidentSkroob
I like the 0 territories! But unfortunately the capitals defense is not +2. I am about to wipe out all 12 players on my third turn because everyone assumes 1-4 troops will be a decent defense.
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3rd Apr 2014 20:37
Message from Amidon37
Managing scenarios is a pain - suggest you look at it and make it how you want it. --- I think the capital's not showing up is a bug in Wargear, not in the board. So, don't worry about that -
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3rd Apr 2014 08:29
Message from Amidon37
Another question - a number of "starred" territories are not showing up as capitals -
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2nd Apr 2014 20:29
Message from Amidon37
Playing a couple of games on your new board. It looks great, but I do have a question. In the scenario "Home is Where the House is" do you mean for all the random territories to start with 0 units on them?
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8th Dec 2013 10:17
Message from Lock Step
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26th Nov 2013 09:31
Message from thorpe432
sounds good.
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29th Sep 2013 03:42
Message from poq
I missed the dev game! But that new board of yours looks dope!
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22nd Sep 2013 19:28
Message from ActionRaccoon
Hey Good luck in Hail Panglacia! Annka is already gaining quick expantion. Do you think it's a good idea for him to do that? I'll let you keep your land if you attack him. His men are spread thin anyway. Cool profile pic btw.
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16th Jun 2012 15:39
Message from CarefreeMel
are you saying that you don't want me to attack you?
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