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8th Sep 2022 11:18
Message from Andernut
Hey Yertle, hope all is well with you, see you haven't logged in awhile!
#164 of 164
26th Apr 2020 21:52
Message from DBA72
Hey Yertle! you remember me? You still active on here?
#163 of 164
26th Mar 2020 13:50
Message from RiskyBack
Hey Yert! Yeah, I am being safe by staying home, catching up on movies I didn't get to see and now playing Risk. Turns are far between, but there ain't much else to do. Hope I get to lose to you soon!
#162 of 164
3rd Jan 2020 18:06
Message from Nikolai
Happy New Year!
#161 of 164
25th Nov 2017 04:01
Message from Nikolai
Hey Dude, I noticed you're still around. I hope you & yours had a good Thanksgiving. All the Best! (From one old-timer to another)
#160 of 164
24th Mar 2017 12:40
Message from Thingol
Just coming across your Neverland board Yertle and I'm finding it to be very interesting, with several diverse strategies which may succeed. Well done.
#159 of 164
7th May 2015 13:39
Message from g0ldeneagle
Hi Yertle- Are you aware your "My Kingdom" map functions incorrectly with the default player? Unit placement and movement is all confused. Flash player seems to work properly.
#158 of 164
4th Mar 2015 06:26
Message from Teamster
Hey Yertle! I noticed that Bolivia is spelled wrong in the CC map. Love the board :)
#157 of 164
20th Feb 2015 20:17
Message from Chele Nica
I love Colossal Crusade, thanks Yertle for designing it
#156 of 164
27th Dec 2014 15:22
Message from asm
I just joined a game on your 2210 board and obviously selected navy as my color... brought back some great memories from the good old days. Hope you and the family are well!
#155 of 164
27th Dec 2014 15:19
Message from asm
#154 of 164
11th Dec 2014 17:50
Message from Cumberdale
How's things in Sala-Ma-Sond?
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11th Feb 2014 17:18
Message from idnewton
Hey there! Saw the post in http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/2438/Development_Testers_and_Review_Team and that looks like just what I need. New to board design but figured I'd give it a try. The thread had no replies though so I wasn't sure whether I should post there or not. I wish there was a way to test boards against oneself (play as multiple players) since I'm not even sure if it's in a working state at the moment. Any help would be sweet.
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6th Jun 2013 16:38
Message from Andernut
Hey Yertle - missing border on your zombie states of America (according to graphical representation). From Z-Vandelia to Tenessee
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29th May 2013 21:55
Message from hansgruber
Hey thanks for the reply! You might remember me from warfish. I asked you what name I should make for myself and you said "GuywhoalwaysbeatsYertle" or something like that. I recall we played lots of games together. Good to hear from you again my friend!
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2nd Mar 2013 06:53
Message from berickf
My email is [email protected]. Write me there and I'll respond to you directly to answer your questions. I'm a bit private and don't feel comfortable writing such on your wall.
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23rd Feb 2013 17:52
Message from Aiken Drumn
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20th Feb 2013 07:23
Message from berickf
Sorry for taking so long to write back, just saw you wrote on my wall. I'm not originally from Africa. I am from Canada, but have been living in Africa for a decade now.
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18th Jan 2013 01:59
Message from Kjeld
Thanks for mentioning that. I forgot to add the description of the view-only borders to the description!
#146 of 164
6th Dec 2012 22:48
Message from Thingol
Thank you, sir. It was on my list of to-dos while I was adding the teams scenario, but the sooner the fix, the better. ;)
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