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12th Feb 2014 00:08
Message from Khanchance
Cona you are a great oppanite you beat me a lot but do you want to play zombies a map I never loss on
#44 of 64
12th Feb 2014 00:05
Message from Khanchance
Hey do u want me to join that game
#43 of 64
24th Jan 2014 00:11
Message from Yertle
Hey Cona, thanks for the Board Ratings! It's much appreciated and best of luck in your games!
#42 of 64
23rd Jan 2014 16:57
Message from Superman
When did these rankings start?
#41 of 64
21st Jan 2014 22:41
Message from Superman
Thanks for inviting me. I'll be looking forward to playing you:)
#40 of 64
21st Jan 2014 16:20
Message from Mad Bomber
Congrats on the big 500...who would have ever thought
#39 of 64
20th Jan 2014 23:07
Message from Superman
You made it. That's terrific. You are the best. Ok, I'll be waiting for the gunslinger tournament. I hope Mad Bomber starts it soon.
#38 of 64
20th Jan 2014 21:54
Message from CK66
500 CPs! Amazing
#37 of 64
17th Jan 2014 20:42
Message from Superman
Are you going to make it to 500 championship points?
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28th Dec 2013 21:48
Message from zdisabled_d765cf3b
I created a fishing game with no fog.
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9th Dec 2013 15:42
Message from Ajaxx
maybe i shouldn't be upset with you, but I sure didn't expect that you would not attack at all during a truce. i guess it isn't against the words of what we said.
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5th Dec 2013 11:56
Message from Affordablecards
Hey, CC! Something seems to have stalled with your fishing games getting joined, so I have left them. If you cancel them and re-start them I will join the new ones, and hopefully enough other players will that we can actually play them. Let's go fish!
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27th Aug 2013 16:37
Message from Teamster
Congratulations Cona! You're the first player to be crowned World Arm Wrestling Champion.
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17th May 2013 12:14
Message from renjason
Finally broke my 5 game losing strak against you! Want to try a new 1v1 game? I really like this one... http://www.wargear.net/games/join/269280
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7th May 2013 12:22
Message from BlackDog
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3rd May 2013 10:45
Message from Mad Bomber
400 really. Wow. You are the man.....
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3rd May 2013 08:57
Message from CK66
Congrats on reaching 400 Championship Points!
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18th Apr 2013 20:24
Message from KillDawg
I must be confused or something, but have you NEVER played a team game? How is it possible to have a 0 team score otherwise? Isn't 1000 baseline?
#27 of 64
24th Mar 2013 10:37
Message from Luieuil
Congrats with first place on board rankings. Well done!
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13th Feb 2013 11:58
Message from El Jefe
That's what I was thinking too, but I would only get +3 in the previous games I played on that board if I left a man in my dugout. Oh well, maybe it was just the way the game was setup.
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