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23rd Jan 2014 16:57
Message from Superman
When did these rankings start?
#41 of 61
21st Jan 2014 22:41
Message from Superman
Thanks for inviting me. I'll be looking forward to playing you:)
#40 of 61
21st Jan 2014 16:20
Message from Mad Bomber
Congrats on the big 500...who would have ever thought
#39 of 61
20th Jan 2014 23:07
Message from Superman
You made it. That's terrific. You are the best. Ok, I'll be waiting for the gunslinger tournament. I hope Mad Bomber starts it soon.
#38 of 61
20th Jan 2014 21:54
Message from CK66
500 CPs! Amazing
#37 of 61
17th Jan 2014 20:42
Message from Superman
Are you going to make it to 500 championship points?
#36 of 61
28th Dec 2013 21:48
Message from zdisabled_d765cf3b
I created a fishing game with no fog.
#35 of 61
9th Dec 2013 15:42
Message from Ajaxx
maybe i shouldn't be upset with you, but I sure didn't expect that you would not attack at all during a truce. i guess it isn't against the words of what we said.
#34 of 61
5th Dec 2013 11:56
Message from Affordablecards
Hey, CC! Something seems to have stalled with your fishing games getting joined, so I have left them. If you cancel them and re-start them I will join the new ones, and hopefully enough other players will that we can actually play them. Let's go fish!
#33 of 61
27th Aug 2013 16:37
Message from Teamster
Congratulations Cona! You're the first player to be crowned World Arm Wrestling Champion.
#32 of 61
17th May 2013 12:14
Message from renjason
Finally broke my 5 game losing strak against you! Want to try a new 1v1 game? I really like this one... http://www.wargear.net/games/join/269280
#31 of 61
7th May 2013 12:22
Message from BlackDog
#30 of 61
3rd May 2013 10:45
Message from Mad Bomber
400 really. Wow. You are the man.....
#29 of 61
3rd May 2013 08:57
Message from CK66
Congrats on reaching 400 Championship Points!
#28 of 61
18th Apr 2013 20:24
Message from KillDawg
I must be confused or something, but have you NEVER played a team game? How is it possible to have a 0 team score otherwise? Isn't 1000 baseline?
#27 of 61
24th Mar 2013 10:37
Message from Luieuil
Congrats with first place on board rankings. Well done!
#26 of 61
13th Feb 2013 11:58
Message from El Jefe
That's what I was thinking too, but I would only get +3 in the previous games I played on that board if I left a man in my dugout. Oh well, maybe it was just the way the game was setup.
#25 of 61
13th Feb 2013 09:39
Message from El Jefe
Maybe I'm missing something, but why did you keep getting a +6 dugout bonus when I only got a +3 in our 1941 baseball game?
#24 of 61
30th Jan 2013 10:52
Message from Mad Bomber
Knock knock
#23 of 61
26th Jan 2013 17:14
Message from Mad Bomber
Thanks you are very kind. Glad to see that trophy cabinet filling up. Perhaps we will meet in the finals of the next gunslinger tournament.....soon to start!
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