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  • Status: Live
  • Version: 1.0
  • Designer: KrocK
  • Rating:
  • Rating Score: 7.00 out of 10 [6 ratings]
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Created Date: 22nd Aug 2010
  • Release Date: 13th Oct 2010
  • Games Played: 224

Design Information
Territories 44
Continents 20
Advanced Features View Only Borders
Artillery Borders
One-way Borders
Board Settings
Gameplay Turn Based
Available Players
Card Sets Worth Off
Territory Selection Automatic
Unit Placement Automatic
Starting Setup Scenario based
Capital Cities On
Teamplay Disabled
Fog Setting Light
Fog Override Enabled
Open Games 0
Seat Color Starting Cards Starting Bonus Win Condition
1 Iron Man Default
2 Captian America Default

Board Description

Things you should know:

-Iron Man goes first but Captain America has a extra troop that is placed on the "Battle Board"

-Your picture in the corner is your starting place and your capital.

-Weapons attack your opponents picture (Iron Man's Weapon - Lazar, Captain America's Weapon - Shield)

-Power Ups give you troops. With out Power Ups you will only receive 1 troop.

-You can attack you opponents Power Ups from your Picture

-Artillery attacks against your opponent. (You can not control your opponent.)

-3 attacks per round. 1 fortify to any owned

-Abandon with out retain. Do not use the T button when attacking

-No Cards

Basic Strategy

-You should increase your Power Ups to gain strength (Troops)

-You should try to keep your opponents Power Ups in check

-Position yourself on the battle board to be able to defend and go for the kill. Remember that only your weapon can attack your opponent.

-Defend your picture or you will die

Captain America VS Iron Man

"Captain America could totally take him" a sailor said as he punched his buddy in the arm.

"You off your F'n nut?!" the other sailor shouted, as he threw a jab back at his friend "Iron Man aint no pansy, dude's got full armor and weapons"

"Man I saw the Captain Fight once," a third guy chimed in "That shield IS a weapon!"

Iron Man and Captain America were sitting in the mess hall of a aircraft carrier on their way back home from doing a moral boosting tour for the troops. Almost everyone was in the room because they were in the middle of watching UFC 1096 Daxson VS Krysloff.

Daxson was winning the fight easily and the sailors were getting board. Most of the sailors had turned their focus from the fight on the TV to the two Super-Heroes. There groups of men sitting around each Super-Hero trying to entice them into a friendly sparing match against the other Super-Hero.

"And the judges score the fight as a split decision." the TV blared. "37-36 for Daxson, 36-35 for Krysloff and 43-25 for Krysloff"

"What a load a..." Captain America started to say.

"Watch your self" said Iron Man

"I really don't think YOU of all people have a right to correct ME" spat the Captain

The sailors quickly started to place bets and yell things to egg the Super-Heroes on (with a hand hiding their mouth of course.)

"At Least I don't wear tights." snickered Iron Man

"That's it" Yelled Captain America "Top side in two minutes and we will see what type of ladies underwear you got on under that suite"

Gameplay Settings

Gameplay TypeTurn Based
Return to unit placement from attackOff
Return to attack after fortifyOff
Number of attacks allowed3
Number of fortifies allowed1
Multiple attacksOn
Allow fortificationOwned
Allow abandonment of territoriesOn
Abandoned territories revert to neutralImmediately
Fog typeLight
Allow override of fog settingYes
Game historyHide

Team Settings

Teamplay EnabledNo
Team VisionOn
Team Unit PlacementOff
Team Unit TransferOff
Team Factory ProductionOff


Card CaptureOn
Maximum number of cards allowed5
Card values
Must capture non-empty territory to earn cardOn
Card deckA:18 B:18 C:18 W:2

Bonuses, Limits and Dice

Grant 1 unit per x territories ownedDisabled
Minimum bonus units per turn1
Elimination bonus0
Capturing of reserves on eliminationOn
Maximum reserve units0
Maximum units per territoryUnlimited
Auto Assign FactoriesOff
Number of sides on Attacker's Dice6
Number of sides on Defender's Dice6

Initial Setup

Initial setupSetup based
Lock seat colorsOn
Lock seat orderOn
Lock starting bonus to:Color
Allow seat selectionNone
Capital citiesOn
Capital city captureOn
Capital city unit assimilation %0
Destroy unallocated CapitalsOff
Number of units per Territory3
Territory selectionAutomatic
Unit placementAutomatic
Neutral countLow
Neutral Factories
Use team names defined in ColorsOff
Allow players to choose seats / teamsNone