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31st May 2015 01:38
Message from HorseKock
Yeah, neither one of us is playing very well, it's not your fault. I agree on surrendering both tournaments, our chances are not good in 1 and impossible in the other. No need to waste any more time on these games. Go ahead and surrender in these 2 tournaments and let me know when you do and I will do the same. We'll play again down the road I'm sure. Good luck to you and enjoy your break from the Wargear insanity.
#23 of 23
21st Apr 2015 02:10
Message from HorseKock
Do you want to join this tournament together? It's a 2 player team. Let me know. http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/1586
#22 of 23
21st Mar 2015 20:18
Message from HorseKock
I agree on pulling out of that tournament, I am going to as well. We really got screwed due to the Boot of our teammate. Now we pretty much have no chance in that tournament.
#21 of 23
18th Feb 2015 00:31
Message from HorseKock
Join Us??? http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/1521/join/Who+Dey
#20 of 23
4th Feb 2015 10:44
Message from HorseKock
I see that. He missed his last turn too. 1 more and he's booted. I still think we have that game in the bag even if he goes neutral from getting booted. But it is concerning moving forward in the tourney.
#19 of 23
16th Apr 2014 21:21
Message from Musashi
Hey man, any interest in teaming up on this tourney? http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/1374
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2nd Apr 2014 10:00
Message from Isfelt
Thanks, my 1st trophy is awesome!
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26th Feb 2014 18:00
Message from tom
hi there - the tournament problem should be fixed, I reset three games. There's now i game running, when it's finished the tourney should end.
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18th Jan 2014 11:24
Message from ratsy
Beautiful company for us all then!
#15 of 23
17th Jan 2014 19:29
Message from ratsy
Ah! You got the head to head... congrats! MataHari master.
#14 of 23
2nd Dec 2013 10:23
Message from timmy888
Alas my friend to little to late
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24th Nov 2013 14:54
Message from Chinnie
Thanks, I really love the design! =D
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24th Oct 2013 12:07
Message from halfwit
Thanks teamster I will wear it with pride, my first trophy :0)
#11 of 23
15th Sep 2013 19:56
Message from ratsy
There's a spot just up there for the trophy that's coming this way. .. I Can feel it.
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5th Sep 2013 17:19
Message from Edward Nygma
Thanks very much!
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2nd Sep 2013 21:39
Message from Cona Chris
I have really enjoyed playing in all the tournaments for Arm Wrestle and Spy vs. Spy that you have set up recently. And I also love your trophies for those events too! It's been a pleasure playing in them - thanks!
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31st Aug 2013 21:33
Message from krusksmash
No acutally it's kindof the opposite mainly for me.
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12th Aug 2013 09:10
Message from suax
hey, Teamster, sorry for getting booted in our team game. the game took hours before 3 other players joined, and by the time it started, i totally forgot about it. anyway, sorry you now got a boot in your profile, although you didn't really have to get booted. you could simply have surrendered. you don't have to get booted just because i did.
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4th Aug 2013 13:02
Message from vojinsek
Sorry for being booted in our game, could not imagine that in Germany there is no internet almost in all hotels. I have bought now a 1 day telecom pass for 5 EUR.
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1st Aug 2013 20:23
Message from tnsnake
Thanks for hosting "Birds".
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