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26th Nov 2018 03:57
Message from RUTHLEZZG
Welcome back buddy!
#28 of 28
22nd Feb 2014 13:11
Message from Leetz
What other front are you talking about I thought you had the entire right side of the board. If there is someone else there I will consider it. If not I just want to end the game, as I thought you could have long ago and was just dragging it out.
#27 of 28
19th Dec 2013 07:04
Message from plumbkiller
Jeez they beat up on you. Guess you were getting too strong so had to beat you up. OH well intersting game anyhow at some point some one has to make a move.
#26 of 28
13th Dec 2013 03:40
Message from Big Ady
http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/1267 Tournament invite, did you not get it?
#25 of 28
10th Dec 2013 14:45
Message from CougarDom
And Prenumbrial only has 10 against you. What's going on there?
#24 of 28
11th Nov 2013 19:55
Message from Chefedgar
Just finish with green and the game is ours... GG partner...
#23 of 28
8th Nov 2013 12:02
Message from montyghan
DOH! forgot your 1... :(
#22 of 28
4th Nov 2013 22:33
Message from ActionRaccoon
It didn't go well. I think I made more enimes then friends. I still don't get this code of honor thing in a online match, but whatever. BTW Limburg mostly got Room V and Hole U and Hole V
#21 of 28
21st Oct 2013 21:07
Message from crisis17
ok, will do.
#20 of 28
9th Oct 2013 19:09
Message from Ellen DaGenius
YeahBuddy is about to make his move. I'm all for just attacking that dude for the next round or two. Good luck to us!
#19 of 28
8th Oct 2013 09:14
Message from Ellen DaGenius
Thanks Luieuil. I think Yeah Buddy has got this game won anyway.
#18 of 28
22nd Sep 2013 19:39
Message from ActionRaccoon
Hey man! Good luck in Hail Panglacia!
#17 of 28
27th Aug 2013 15:05
Message from renjason
GG on Waterloo tournament. Sorry I missed the last turn, had to do some unexpected traveling. Well played!
#16 of 28
30th Jul 2013 20:57
Message from montyghan
that's a nice compliment you left me... a "real man's" comment..thx.
#15 of 28
30th Jul 2013 18:56
Message from Chefedgar
GG mate...
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19th May 2013 23:07
Message from Greengiant
Please join my team on cw4
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29th Dec 2012 18:24
Message from limburg
Ah k lol. Kende ik dus idd niet ;). Zal nog wel even duren eer dat ik jullie limburgs zal overnenemn :p
#12 of 28
2nd Dec 2012 09:52
Message from limburg
kwestie van geduld? op welke comment slaat dat :p?
#11 of 28
31st Oct 2012 21:37
Message from Mad Bomber
Most of the time u will lose.............I am 0 for 10...........wtf?
#10 of 28
21st Sep 2012 13:47
Message from Cona Chris
Congratulations on joining the 200 CP club!
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