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  • Status: Live
  • Version: 2.0
  • Designer: Ozyman
  • Rating:
  • Rating Score: 7.79 out of 10 [14 ratings]
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Created Date: 11th Nov 2015
  • Release Date: 2nd Jul 2011
  • Games Played: 283

Design Information
Territories 45
Continents 25
Advanced Features
Board Settings
Gameplay Turn Based
Available Players
2 3 4 5
6 7 8
Card Sets Worth 4,6,8,10,12,14,16
Territory Selection Automatic
Unit Placement Automatic
Starting Setup Scenario based
Capital Cities Off
Teamplay Enabled
Fog Setting Light
Fog Override Enabled
Open Games 0
Seat Color Team Starting Cards Starting Bonus Win Condition
1 Red Default Default
2 Green Default Default
3 Blue Default Default
4 DarkGrey Default Default
5 Orange Default Default
6 Purple Default Default
7 Grey Default Default
8 Cyan Default Default
9 Lime Default Default
10 Pink Default Default
11 Yellow Default Default
12 Brown Default Default
13 Violet Default Default
14 Khaki Default Default
15 SkyBlue Default Default

Board Description

Pangaea and Panthalassa was an entry in a past map making competition (Theme: Pangaea). Check this forum thread for details:


Historical Background

Pangaea was the supercontinent that existed about 250 million years ago, which later broke up into the present-day continents. The name Pangaea was Ancient Greek for 'entire earth'. The single enormous ocean which surrounded Pangaea was accordingly named Panthalassa ('entire sea'). You will fight for control of the ancient land & sea in this board.

Design Intent

This map was designed to be a good map for people who have recently joined wargear, and are ready to branch out past the standard world map, but still want something very simple. It would be a good second map for someone who has never played many board games before, or a good first map for someone with more experience.


Continents on land are differentiated by colored outlines and are worth one less than the number of member territories they have.

Continents in the ocean are 'hordes' style. 1 bonus unit is given for every ocean territory you control that borders no enemy oceans.

A border with mountains prohibit attacks across them.

Attacks between Land and Sea are allowed only at harbors which are marked with an anchor.

Gameplay Settings

Gameplay TypeTurn Based
Return to unit placement from attackOff
Return to attack after fortifyOff
Number of attacks allowedUnlimited
Number of fortifies allowed2
Multiple attacksOn
Allow fortificationConnected
Allow abandonment of territoriesOff
Abandoned territories revert to neutralImmediately
Fog typeLight
Allow override of fog settingYes
Game historyShow

Team Settings

Teamplay EnabledYes
Team VisionOn
Team Unit PlacementOff
Team Unit TransferOff
Team Factory ProductionOff


Card CaptureOn
Maximum number of cards allowed5
Card values4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24
Must capture non-empty territory to earn cardOn
Card deckA:18 B:18 C:18 W:2

Bonuses, Limits and Dice

Grant 1 unit per x territories owned3
Minimum bonus units per turn3
Elimination bonus3
Capturing of reserves on eliminationOn
Maximum reserve units0
Maximum units per territoryUnlimited
Auto Assign Factories
Number of sides on Attacker's Dice6
Number of sides on Defender's Dice6

Initial Setup

Initial setupSetup based
Lock seat colorsOff
Lock seat orderOff
Lock starting bonus to:Color
Allow seat selectionNone
Number of units per Territory3
Territory selectionAutomatic
Unit placementAutomatic
Neutral countNone
Neutral Factories
Use team names defined in ColorsOff
Allow players to choose seats / teamsNone