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Country Portugal
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Global Ranking Score 2012 (#108)
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H Rating 72%
Average turn time 15 hours 41m
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Win Streak (Best) 4 (11)
Elimination Streak (Best) 0 (37)
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HATE WARS! Wars are terror!!!
Real wars make enemies.
On the contrary, games are for fun, games make friends :)

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24th Nov 2023 13:01
Message from Mad Bomber
Congratulations on cracking the top 20 tournament list
#16 of 16
15th Nov 2023 21:34
Message from BarakaObama
Great player and fun competitor
#15 of 16
28th Apr 2023 19:55
Message from Mad Bomber
Very strong player
#14 of 16
26th Feb 2023 10:35
Message from Chele Nica
Excellent player, friendly and communicative teammate, and honorable adversary. Wargear is a better place thanks to Templaribus
#13 of 16
21st Feb 2023 02:43
Message from IRsmart
Temps' is one of the better, but also more honourable players on this site. A real example of what fun online gaming is about. :)
#12 of 16
27th Jul 2022 18:34
Message from Abishai
Are you going to join this Europe 1560 game or what?? haha jk
#11 of 16
19th May 2022 17:14
Message from Sir Endib
https://www.wargear.net/games/join/81313521 interrested?
#10 of 16
9th May 2022 15:35
Message from Spider
Wow. Here's one to remember. https://www.wargear.net/games/player/81299147
#9 of 16
20th Jul 2021 05:54
Message from Aiken Drumn
Be a Bear! http://www.wargear.net/games/join/800714
#8 of 16
14th Mar 2021 08:19
Message from Warf
I wish we had many more on the site like Templaribus. I agree with all the comments, fun to against and to team up with and plays with honesty and honor.
#7 of 16
25th Feb 2021 22:29
Message from Thingol
A great addition to the site. And from Portugal as well. Viva la Portuguese. Alas, we recently lost a long-time family friend some months back who was Portuguese and I in particular miss him much as I intended to play lots of golf with him in my now semi-retired state. Anyway, I appreciate your play and your kind manners.
#6 of 16
4th Dec 2020 09:47
Message from Amidon37
Great chatting with you! WG is a great place and am glad you found it!
#5 of 16
14th Oct 2020 09:20
Message from Aiken Drumn
#4 of 16
14th Oct 2020 09:18
Message from Aiken Drumn
Hey dude, you want to report it on the forum if your game didn't score.. especially when you win! Africa Map recently got an update and you might have missed out.
#3 of 16
21st Sep 2020 22:09
Message from Shredder
ditto norlingk - agree completely.
#2 of 16
10th Jun 2020 12:01
Message from norlingk
Good player, kind soul
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