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2nd Nov 2021 22:49
Message from Templaribus
A tribute to the Sheriff https://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/3312 ;)
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20th Jul 2021 05:54
Message from Aiken Drumn
Be a Bear! http://www.wargear.net/games/join/800714
#70 of 71
13th May 2021 06:10
Message from Nucker
Hello Amidon I am writing to you as you seem somewhat active and may even reply to this message. Like soooo many other sites, How to turn it ON and OFF is completely missing. The site can be the best thing ever but if people cant even turn the thing on... And of course there is zero indication to who to turn to. Thus I choose you. Can you help either inform me how to start a game (I have been to the page that shows the games and even gone into the description of the game but nowhere is there a button to join the game), or please send me the address or name of an admin or some such please. Also please use my email as I already dnt trust the sites ability to function well. [email protected]
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19th Mar 2021 14:26
Message from zdisabled_b0c46970
I'm back, and better then ever (if you ignore most of life's problems and COVID too)!
#68 of 71
9th Mar 2021 04:53
Message from Aiken Drumn
Join me here! http://www.wargear.net/games/join/780653
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26th Nov 2020 07:39
Message from IRsmart
Congrats on passing the 600 board ranking points this month!
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27th Sep 2019 11:22
Message from Johasi Vidad
You will be missed sir
#65 of 71
16th Sep 2019 14:21
Message from Aiken Drumn
You're leaving? Why?!
#64 of 71
9th Sep 2019 19:08
Message from Shredder
Hey partner - you will be missed - don't go away.
#63 of 71
3rd Jan 2019 11:44
Message from Thingol
I notice you’ve cut way back on your games. I guess the days of 70-80 games going at a time are in the past?
#62 of 71
9th Dec 2018 17:04
Message from henderthing
Hi Amidon-- curious about the viability of a 6-sided, 3 player hex board. Not sure if you're doing this type of thing anymore. But I've built a protoype 3D board surface. Also don't know if there's any way to post an image here...
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9th Mar 2017 08:30
Message from Chele Nica
3rd place in CPs with 453 points, congrats!
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24th Dec 2015 10:45
Message from asm
Hahaha, not EVERY one... I was wondering if that was going to get on your nerves. You just have very good taste in games! I was sitting here playing turns and I kept getting popup notifications that you were making a bunch of really good ones.
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20th May 2015 11:09
Message from Mad Bomber
3000.... Very impressive
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12th May 2015 14:00
Message from Abishai
Congrats on breaking 3000 GR!
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8th Dec 2014 17:37
Message from Slander
Sadly no - stranded means stranded and I'm looking at going without power for the next few weeks. Good thing I'm a hermit. :) Not sure if or when I'll be back playing on the site - so that's why I surrendered all my games and tourneys instead of taking vacation days. GL in your games.
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10th Oct 2014 22:26
Message from Mad Bomber
300... Very impressive....
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20th Aug 2014 03:47
Message from renjason
Great playing in the "Great Divide" game! See you in the next one.
#54 of 71
24th Jul 2014 16:32
Message from falcon21000
No problem. :)
#53 of 71
30th Jun 2014 00:45
Message from falcon21000
How about a truce in the 9 blocks game? :) I know we have been fighting up until now,but I just think that green has used that to become much stronger. I suggest breaking truce with one(or two) turn(s) notice. Please answer on my wall.
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