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Australian Risk


I used to joke in the comments section: "I'm going to get a lot of points when I win this one!" at the very beginning of large games - but I stopped because i think it made me a target......

I prefer a straight game.

"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good thing, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow human being let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."
- Stephen Grellet

check out turn 634 in this game... http://www.wargear.net/games/player/13529


norlingk's Wall

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30th Sep 2020 20:12
Message from Templaribus
=) Hello, norlingk! I don't know what I did to deserve such nice compliment you wrote in my wall, believe me it was quite touching. Thanks. Not only a good player, you are also a very nice guy! We have already met in many games, I see your good moves, appreciate your style and fair play, always a good presence, hope to meet you many times more! :) Cheers!
#27 of 27
13th Apr 2020 15:35
Message from meits
definitely! I just created a team. Let's win this one!
#26 of 27
24th May 2017 14:56
Message from Itchy
Yeah he's great! Glad I voted for him. We need more people like him who aren't afraid to call out nonsense when they see it.
#25 of 27
10th Jul 2016 23:26
Message from Shredder
Here is one for ya! Mal: "Mercy is the mark of a great man." [stabs Atherton Wing] Mal: "Guess I'm just a good man." [stabs Atherton Wing] Mal: "Well, I'm all right."
#24 of 27
16th Dec 2015 14:28
Message from Twisted
#23 of 27
17th Sep 2015 14:51
Message from Itchy
Just noticed your profile pic. Homer's Enemy is one of my favorite episodes of what I consider the best show ever made. You're officially awesome in my book :) Good playing in our current tournament game by the way, I'm thoroughly enjoying this one.
#22 of 27
20th May 2015 19:10
Message from LandoSky
My profile picture is a Luxury Yacht from Star Wars. It is in a couple of the games and books. Lando had one the "Lady Luck"
#21 of 27
4th Feb 2015 10:24
Message from asm
Anybody who would post "try playing to win like a normal person" in public game chat is a quality sort in my book. I always knew I liked you...
#20 of 27
10th Nov 2014 11:14
Message from U-555
Thanks for the comment on my icon. Still getting the hang of the site.
#19 of 27
17th Oct 2014 13:12
Message from The Scandinator
I've had a lot of stuff to work with between uni and work. This was just taking up too much time. I might be back soon though! Thanks for asking!
#18 of 27
13th Oct 2014 15:46
Message from drowzdrewz
unintentional confluence of events, just happened to have stuff going on and wasn't able to get there in time 2 turns in a row… been checking in on u guys tho, looks like its turned into a logjam haha
#17 of 27
18th Sep 2014 21:24
Message from Babbalouie
I will do likewise. Thank You
#16 of 27
13th Sep 2014 23:14
Message from Djesus
PS Frank Grimes is awesome.
#15 of 27
13th Sep 2014 23:13
Message from Djesus
Hey - thanks for the interest in the TC board - sorry I didn't check messages until 6 months later. I never thought about putting the board up for public release, but certainly can. Cheers.
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24th Jul 2014 20:59
Message from Angela
Kind player. Gave me good advice too. Good guy. Thanks!
#13 of 27
8th Jul 2014 16:48
Message from Twisted
Nice job! I thought he was gonna come out on top. i gave u more of a resistance at the end there after it was only us 3
#12 of 27
27th Aug 2013 14:23
Message from Snoochie Boochies
What did I do this time :)
#11 of 27
22nd Jun 2013 18:44
Message from asterix
thanks m8, it was a bit of a journey, hopefully will get more trophies :)
#10 of 27
5th Jun 2013 17:56
Message from jordancardwell
Okay.. Well I've been bitten by being too aggressive to soon.. So I wasn't playing around with neuts. I was securing 2 more cards each turn so I could minimize the chances of finding myself in a backfire situation.. Either way it's frustrating when people just boot out to get the win.. This is strategy and I was playing a good one by secure more cards before an offensive
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15th Mar 2013 18:08
Message from IRsmart
I hope to have 1st place by tomorrow, but even that can change... :)
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