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19th Nov 2022 03:48
Message from Superman
Came here after a couple of years, looked at some of my past games. Good times, made me smile. If I do start playing again in the future I'll be sure to message you. If not, thanks for the games we've played.
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18th Jul 2022 02:15
Message from Mad Bomber
Congratulations on reaching number 1! I’m glad you are back on the site….you have pushed me to find points in the system. The BRG crew has been eating away some of the easy ones.
#63 of 64
10th Apr 2022 09:16
Message from Litotes
Well done reaching #1 :)
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25th Jun 2021 19:13
Message from Chele Nica
You and Bomber have quite a race there, and it seems like Bomber has some good momentum right now. I'm happy I reached #7. It'll take some effort now to hold onto it, since I have a few players who have been gaining on me
#61 of 64
6th Jan 2021 11:24
Message from Chele Nica
I've been trying to get up to #7, but every time I take a step forward I take 2 steps back!
#60 of 64
5th Jan 2021 10:06
Message from Chele Nica
Wow Cona, that's quite a climb with the CPs, you're closing in on Bomber
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5th May 2020 11:28
Message from Chele Nica
Thanks Cona! That was my first elimination tourney win :)
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22nd Mar 2017 09:56
Message from Musashi
Hi there! Any interest in teaming up for the new Civil War tournament? http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/2214
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10th Jul 2016 16:41
Message from ogg
You are a brilliant strategist and an honorable player. It is always fun to play against you, even if it usually means a loss for me!
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28th Feb 2015 22:29
Message from Mad Bomber
600+ CP's. It's safe to say that you are a master player.....better than I! I'll see u around for 700 I hope.
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7th Feb 2015 21:37
Message from norlingk
Congrats on the new trophy, CC. I must say the new one is the best, IMHO....
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14th Jan 2015 22:31
Message from asm
Any time I want to learn how best to approach a board, I just find games you played on it and take notes. Your CPs are well-earned, and far more than simply a product of persistence and determination. Looking through your accomplishments forces me to acknowledge that I will never again be #1 on this site - it requires too much creativity and diversity of skills. I tip my cap to you, sir.
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9th Oct 2014 17:54
Message from Mad Bomber
This time I got the 5 star by winning a game, not by u losing..... This way feels much better!
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24th Jul 2014 14:18
Message from Superman
What happened to all the championship points?
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19th Jul 2014 10:57
Message from Mad Bomber
Your comments make me laugh. Really. Thanks for the posts...it's been fun battling for the top position.
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21st Apr 2014 11:02
Message from Superman
NWO took the top ranking in gunslinger. Just so you know.
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22nd Mar 2014 23:33
Message from Superman
How do you keep gaining championship points? 525, that is the most I have ever seen on this site since I joined. Keep up the fantastic work:)
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2nd Mar 2014 15:51
Message from Superman
Never mind.
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2nd Mar 2014 12:31
Message from Superman
What happened to your championship points?
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17th Feb 2014 20:16
Message from Superman
Hi there. Just so you know NWO is gaining on your rankings in gunslinger.
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