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18th Jul 2016 18:05
Message from zdisabled_6ff7b22d
you could join, its just that it got full enjoy your vacation
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23rd Jul 2014 12:13
Message from Amidon37
NB: Just went to my wall and saw your truce offer on the blocks game. Sorry I did not see that before - certainly too late now!
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27th May 2014 17:58
Message from qwerty
fast player
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5th Apr 2014 16:46
Message from Babbalouie
Always great playing against you. You are shrewd and cunning which is a good thing. Great job and well played in the last game.
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29th Nov 2013 16:01
Message from erastus25
Just saw your messages on my wall. I ended up following that same strategy so we were on the same page anyway. lol. I've added you to my friends list and our common enemy to my enemies list.
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6th Nov 2013 17:49
Message from idnewton
Tell red to hit southern europe
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4th Nov 2013 12:04
Message from erastus25
Always a pleasure to play against. Falcon is a good player and generally nice guy.
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15th Oct 2013 09:43
Message from Thijs
It is ok. That happens. I never had any profile picture so far. Why do you ask? There are some more who don't understand the game. Like general or der panzer. ALways a risk playing with them in the game. But that sometimes makes it fun as well.
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15th Oct 2013 08:57
Message from Thijs
Thanks, I will pay attention to that. I do not like 1 on 1. Since starting position is almost definitive for victory. Let's see if other players join in next couple minutes. Otherwise I'll create a 3 player one.
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