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13th May 2021 06:08
Message from Nucker
Hello DeVine, I am writing to you as you seem somewhat active and may even reply to this message. Like soooo many other sites, How to turn it ON and OFF is completely missing. The site can be the best thing ever but if people cant even turn the thing on... And of course there is zero indication to who to turn to. Thus I choose you. Can you help either inform me how to start a game (I have been to the page that shows the games and even gone into the description of the game but nowhere is there a button to join the game), or please send me the address or name of an admin or some such please. Also please use my email as I already dnt trust the sites ability to function well. [email protected]
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19th Mar 2021 16:36
Message from Amidon37
Good to hear! See you in the games -
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23rd Nov 2020 17:01
Message from Amidon37
Hope you make it back to WarGear some day -
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27th Jun 2020 21:24
Message from smess2
I made you my friend 🙂
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22nd Jun 2020 21:19
Message from Ed Ender
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