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put myself on vaca. huge storm hit Iowa this week. think 20mi wide tornado across half the state. main metro ares will be without power for a week (likely). no power/no cell signal. see y'all on the other side.

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18th Oct 2020 14:26
Message from zdisabled_b0c46970
Thank you so much
#39 of 39
9th Sep 2019 19:32
Message from Amidon37
Thanks man for all the kind words, etc. It's been great wargearing with you -
#38 of 39
13th Jun 2016 11:27
Message from RUTHLEZZG
I'll play on your team anytime, invite me sometime. *Just saw your message from 'French Resistance' tournament.
#37 of 39
2nd Jun 2014 11:06
Message from Nikolai
A fantastic player! Here's evidence: http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/1372
#36 of 39
29th Jan 2014 10:15
Message from Teamster
I have 10 games going on, I just needed to finish 1 to be able to join, but no such luck. Good luck with the tournament, I see a lot of good players have joined.
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22nd Jul 2013 20:07
Message from Kancercakes
I think for the Aliens board, I would go with entrances theme. Maybe something like Gauntlet where each area starts of in a specific entrance: Predator top right, Aliens Middle Right, and Humans Bottom Left. Have different bonuses apply depending on which entrance you hold plus identified area. Example if you own Alien entrance and queen's room +7, Humans entrance and Infirmary +7, Predator entrance + trophy room +7. Aliens take over infirmary they get a +5 to make more aliens from the infrim humans. Humans take the queens room they get a +5 because they saved the humans in the room before the facehuggers got them. Everyone has to kill everyone else. The escape theme would probably take too long given the size. Standard random placement would allow for more players, and could play out like Antz, which could be fun. Set it up like Aliens and Predators decidied to make the ship their battleground and humans are caught in the middle which side will win. Tell me if there is a thread you want to go back and forth on for this.
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25th Apr 2013 11:38
Message from Amidon37
Wow. We have not met/played yet, but maybe he's a long-lost brother.
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26th Mar 2013 10:41
Message from suax
does this guy win all his games by simply rolling the dice? he barely loses any of his attacks when i play against him.
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23rd Feb 2013 17:53
Message from Aiken Drumn
#31 of 39
11th Feb 2013 13:14
Message from RoyalCrown
Are you really going to complain because I ended up winning a game off of your mistake?
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8th Feb 2013 19:16
Message from BTdubs
I'd join that good team of yours, if you're getting one together for this tourney: http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/999.
#29 of 39
24th Jan 2013 19:34
Message from Mad Bomber
This guy is darn tough and it's close to his bday.............
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16th Jan 2013 17:53
Message from ratsy
http://www.wargear.net/games/view/224557 Check out the chat. It's always good feedback.
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16th Oct 2012 19:50
Message from t
stop being such a douche bag
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25th Sep 2012 17:40
Message from ethnic
Nice game
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11th May 2012 10:09
Message from BorisTheFrugal
Weathertop: A much better player than I am. True story.
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27th Mar 2012 01:46
Message from j-bomb
just wanted to say thanks for your help! i'm still plugging away. your suggestions were very helpful, very helpful, did i mention they were extremely helpful. i wish you could do one for the wargear design page.:) thanks again, j-bomb
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10th Nov 2011 16:31
Message from Wonder Woman
Finally, I can join the club I formed!!!! http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/566
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8th Nov 2011 22:25
Message from FurBabe
Looks like it's down to us in the WWIII tourney. Good luck! (blows kiss)
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17th Oct 2011 18:58
Message from Paulville
HI man!! I have a question!! It is not a complain, only a question! Why do I'm third in the tourny if I have the same number of Won than you, a higher SODOS, and I actually defeated you in the tourny??? http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/519?viewselector=Tournament-Player&filter2=f2d9974cc57f0e5cff0f20e60fcf5216#tabs-games
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