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History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. (Mark Twain)

I mostly play at work, so I only join 3 day or more games. Always interested in an alliance or truce if it makes sense, but will remember any players who go back on their word and screw me.

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31st Oct 2014 02:41
Message from psilofyr
Hey sorry about the glitches on that Risk of Thrones scenario. I need to like recall that one for repair, Winds of Winter is the scenario that is really glitch-free. PS I have a new board doing a dev game if you are interested: http://www.wargear.net/games/join/400741 http://www.wargear.net/games/join/400740
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25th Oct 2013 01:33
Message from Mad Bomber
It appears we have a new trophy coming to the cabinet. Strong work. Strong partner and player
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21st Oct 2013 17:06
Message from ActionRaccoon
In regards to "An underworld Attack" It's up to you what You want me to do with my 5 units in the forest. I can attack Blue, Attack Green, or I can Attack the center skull. I wonldn't take the center skull, but I would weeken it so you could have it. If I were to attack Blue or Green I would leave only 1 unit in that territory. In exchange I would like it if you attacked Black or red in Earth Skull. Same rules apply.
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12th Oct 2013 23:00
Message from ActionRaccoon
Hi Good luck in the game "an Underworld Attack" (:. If you attack Black in Earth Skull, I'll help you get Forest Skull.
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19th Jul 2013 16:55
Message from weathertop
take a look. http://www.wargear.net/boards/view/5046
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9th Apr 2013 22:12
Message from ratsy
Thanx for the review on Squirrels - I updated the about to reflect reality. :)
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7th Dec 2012 16:26
Message from Blood Stone
Great job partner!
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17th Oct 2012 21:19
Message from slantwise
Let's go after Tommy since he's weaker of the two and we can put up a concerted attack against his teammate.
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7th Jun 2012 17:23
Message from The Todd
I guess that answers that!
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7th Jun 2012 16:52
Message from The Todd
I will help you out with fiverocketcars if you stay off my ass...what do you say?
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8th May 2012 08:55
Message from Lucky Dawg
I agree! it is dragging on...
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