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1st Jun 2018 15:13
Message from giac928
Good player, always competitive!
#33 of 33
3rd Jun 2017 18:35
Message from RUTHLEZZG
join my team in 'The Bloodiest Texas Bloodbath7414 - 64 player' also. its another tourney on a new board
#32 of 33
3rd Jun 2017 18:11
Message from RUTHLEZZG
join my team in 'The Bloodiest Bloodbath7414 - 64 player' tournament. I made a smaller version so it would start!
#31 of 33
18th May 2017 18:05
Message from Edward Nygma
Any others you want to see, let me know.
#30 of 33
17th Mar 2017 17:38
Message from RUTHLEZZG
join my team in 'The Bloodiest Bloodbath7414' tournament
#29 of 33
30th Dec 2016 16:34
Message from Der Panzer
Nik, You're an excellent player and a great cyber friend. It's always a pleasure to compete against you. Inner space Buds forever!
#28 of 33
10th Nov 2015 13:56
Message from Edward Nygma
Glad I could bring you back. I'm just now getting back myself.
#27 of 33
23rd Dec 2012 18:40
Message from Mad Bomber
good guy
#26 of 33
4th Dec 2012 23:28
Message from Thingol
Nik, when are you gonna start up some zombie farm games? I enjoyed trying to survive your zombie attacks on WF. Should be even funner here.
#25 of 33
2nd Feb 2012 14:01
Message from RUTHLEZZG
Nikolai iz da shit!
#24 of 33
20th Nov 2011 19:25
Message from YOSH
[responding to your comment on the return to alpha game] Thanks =) I've been pretty lucky in the tournament so far. Hope I can end up winning it =)
#23 of 33
5th Oct 2011 16:07
Message from Cyan-ide
[responding to your comment on Agent Orange's wall] Your moaning is an abomination and always has been, I guess I shouldn't be too shocked to see that you're still moaning; however, I'm glad to see that I have become infamous... what's war without a villain or two? Good luck and have fun out there... but try to keep the moaning to a minimum, would you? Yours always - Cyan-ide
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1st Sep 2011 23:34
Message from Yertle
Add a blip in the Board Description for that Scenario of Mall of the Dead! Thanks!
#21 of 33
23rd Aug 2011 16:44
Message from Ceggon
http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/490 Join me for the fest.. I mean feast
#20 of 33
23rd Aug 2011 01:27
Message from Gimli
there is also a team enabled Mobs of NY... already won one with NewlyIdle, so no worries if you aren't inclined!
#19 of 33
23rd Aug 2011 01:25
Message from Gimli
sorry, you are a hot commodity! both were filled. Would join both, especially the Isles one. maybe post a request, or make the team name obvious? will check hourly during the day Tuesday! PS I think I remember liking Agent Orange!
#18 of 33
19th Aug 2011 22:44
Message from Ceggon
Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have warned you ;)
#17 of 33
19th Aug 2011 19:34
Message from Ceggon
Is this the same Nic from warfish? If so, this is Agent Orange!
#16 of 33
25th Jul 2011 16:08
Message from RUTHLEZZG
sorry i read that after i did my turn. I feel like i won the teammate lottery though! Transfer me where you can, I transferred you already near the bathroom. I can get the two upper rooms I believe
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15th May 2011 15:36
Message from Edward Nygma
A lot, but there is an open game up for join if you're interested. http://www.wargear.net/games/join/65555
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