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This is the only area of a users page that can be considered private, and even that is a stretch because everyone can view it.

When Rick loses, expect excuses
These are the facts, of how he acts

To further prove my point literally every game he makes an excuse
And these are just the first three losses on his page.
Another funny example:

CadZilla had to make me an enemy because he couldn't handle getting beat all the time.

RoyalCrown's Wall

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6th Jul 2014 16:20
Message from Lugenious26
let's play!
#11 of 11
5th Aug 2013 11:37
Message from Willy Wonka
Had a GREAT arm wrestle. Willing to help and fun to play!
#10 of 11
18th Apr 2013 15:49
Message from Angusjustice
#9 of 11
17th Feb 2013 07:02
Message from cundallman
After we played last night I won 4 arm wrestles in a row today. thanks for the tips!
#8 of 11
12th Feb 2013 09:14
Message from plumbkiller
What 80% win jeez have to study that board closer.
#7 of 11
10th Dec 2012 22:13
Message from Fennrirr
Been kicking me hard lately. Good play !!!!
#6 of 11
15th Nov 2012 12:26
Message from timmy888
You are officially unenemied, which I don't think is a word. Cheers.
#5 of 11
26th Oct 2012 14:18
Message from plumbkiller
AHAHA you annihilated him funny. Looked like you played that game with a purpose in mind.
#4 of 11
5th Oct 2012 09:42
Message from plumbkiller
So I read your message to the guy you played WW with yesterday and followed his play on 3 other games yesterday. Kind of interesting he won all 3 and did so without ever taking a continent or trying to. He never lost a play no matter what the odds.
#3 of 11
26th Sep 2012 00:37
Message from Hugh
Hey man - excellent Arm Wrestle matches so far. I've gotten some streaks of luck in my wins. By the way, you are being discussed in the forums. (If you just look at the recent threads, there is one titled something like "RoyalCrown should be banned!")
#2 of 11
30th May 2012 13:58
Message from Cona Chris
Very good player! I look forward to a rematch in the near future in Arm Wreslting. Our match was a very enjoyable game.
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