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23rd Aug 2012 23:38
Message from franyosoy
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29th Jun 2012 21:25
Message from 3EyedTitan
Good couple of games, im pretty new to the site so an invite would be appreciated. Also i set up a couple of games called yggdrasil if you want to sign up!
#16 of 17
21st Feb 2012 22:07
Message from gazz
sry paulville,had 2 delete
#15 of 17
17th Nov 2011 16:36
Message from Cona Chris
Paulville - no worries about getting skipped! Sucks to have lost your internet connection. Hope to see you again in a game soon!
#14 of 17
25th Oct 2011 01:56
Message from steadman1969
Hi Paulville, sorry about getting booted, I fell asleep and before I knew about it, it was all over
#13 of 17
20th Oct 2011 18:19
Message from legolas
18 days after i win, lucky smiled me at the end. Good game
#12 of 17
17th Oct 2011 22:20
Message from weathertop
i believe the tiebreakers don't matter unless it's for first place (my guess the coding for that was simply for tourney win, not other placings).
#11 of 17
3rd Oct 2011 02:51
Message from RazingAces
I made a few team games so join one if your interested or make one of your own and hit me up. Laters.
#10 of 17
29th Sep 2011 19:52
Message from RazingAces
Hey we should try another game maybe teams or something since I cant really seem to win against you in 1v1 games. I still can't quite believe/forgive that +42 spread game you had against me.
#9 of 17
18th Sep 2011 11:33
Message from clever Avery
I am so sorry for missing my turn. I was not expecting that to start. I have been working crazy hours. I promise I'll be there next game.
#8 of 17
4th Aug 2011 13:01
Message from timmy888
That's it Paulville Ecuador is not far away enough to hide from me!
#7 of 17
29th Jul 2011 23:32
Message from Snoochie Boochies
You know it :) You may hafve bested me on the map but I got the goods from the tourney :)
#6 of 17
27th Jul 2011 19:37
Message from Beastlymaster
Don't worry about it. It was my own fault for not deleting the games.
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21st Jul 2011 12:46
Message from timmy888
Defeated me you have. Obtain revenge I will.
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13th Jun 2011 21:56
Message from GeneralMustard
i forgot to mention that the points that were deducted from your ranking score from that game we played earlier today will be added back on to your score :)
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13th Jun 2011 21:33
Message from GeneralMustard
haha thats the same with me! The worse thing is, i didnt even talk or form a alliance with either of the players i was accused of cheating with... i just think that they made really bad moves (which so happened to put me at an advantage) because they dont have a good strategy which is represenloted by their low rankings of less than 1000. I dont know if you've played people with really low rankings before but they can make nonsensicle moves and it frustrates everyone but noone says anything; but this time someone thought it was suspicious. In another game, someone accused me and another player of cheating because we kept attacking him, he was the strongest player on the board and he kept attacking the only continent i had! It made strategic sense to attack him, but he took it so personally. But to be honest in both games, it did look a little suspicous, like on of the players attacked neutral instead of me!?! So i can understand why another player may think that im cheating. It got me thinking that perhaps someone is trying to sabotage the players or games on wargear. Its all just a little coincidental for all this to happen on the same day. Hopefully it was just a few bad games. I'm sure well meet again (hopefully with no cheaters or cheating accusations!)
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13th Jun 2011 21:05
Message from GeneralMustard
just thought i'd let you know that majmun has been banned, but hrca6666 has not. I've also been accused on cheating twice after that game! I know what i was more outraged about finding a cheater or being accused of one! I dont know whats going on here in wargear, but its all a bit dodgey. i have played games with hrca6666 before and he has never appeared to have cheated before. I was actually accused of cheating with gazz, who has posted on your wall. He has posted on my wall too, although i dont knwo him as i dont know anyone on wargear. Gazz seems to have posted on a lot of players walls and seems to post on all game message boards. Because of the post on my wall, another player thoguht we knew each other and decided we were definately cheating. Since our game, this cheating talk has become rather tiresome. I'm reporting it all. It's all so strange
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