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Thanks to our new and improved IQ-WiFi (Inter-stellar Quantum Wi-Fi) connection, we are very pleased to finally be able to communicate with Earth through your excellent WarGear portal. So far it's the only one through which we've been able to gain access (Even IQ-WiFi is tricky stuff beyond 100 light years).

We think you are a promising lot, but we have reservations. This is mostly because one of you (the one called RiskyBack) has us worried about your species. We will continue to monitor the situation, and when it appears safe we look forward to the time when we will be able to conqu.. Uhh.. I mean visit your fine planet.

When that day arrives, fear not. We come in peace.

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9th Jul 2023 19:12
Message from Templaribus
Another excellent board! Thanks to you we can run a promising tournament on National Parks! :) Created today and is filling up quickly! Come and join! You are the shining star!!! :D https://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/3757
#49 of 49
11th Mar 2023 06:22
Message from Majorie Taylor Greene
Battle of Waterloo is one of my faves man. Is there a variation of the board with multiple teams up to 4?
#48 of 49
28th Dec 2020 20:36
Message from Andernut
Hey M57, sorry to see Go Geared going... I'm on perhaps the last game on the board. I hope it comes back!
#47 of 49
18th Feb 2020 13:25
Message from Aiken Drumn
No one has written here in nearly 5 years. I thought this should change. Thank you for your efforts in making the maps we play!
#46 of 49
19th Jul 2015 22:29
Message from RiskyBack
First time I've read your page I think, very nice. I just wanted to let you know that I think Fall of Rome may be one of the best laid out and setup maps on the site. I really enjoy playing it and I also think the player colors are really excellent choices. Well done.
#45 of 49
4th Feb 2015 13:48
Message from dggrj
Nice board (crown war), didn't know if you'd see message in individual games. I had no idea that the shields would refill, that's huge, and bet I could've won! Not fair when I had ~+30 luck, though. Thanks for making it!
#44 of 49
28th Dec 2014 21:32
Message from LucklessRabbit
Hey, just wanted to congratulate you for winning the tournament. Excellent!
#43 of 49
22nd Dec 2014 14:05
Message from Cona Chris
I can't seem to reply, so will reply here - I don't think you have invited me to play GoGeared before. Perhaps after the holidays I'll have some more time to get into a new board!
#42 of 49
19th Dec 2014 22:39
Message from Subutai
Hi, Just joined in this game with you. Any hints on how to succeed? I always got my butt whupped on this map...
#41 of 49
30th Nov 2014 11:22
Message from nekon
well this guy im playing atm just rolles me to death ^^ if you wanna play a speed game just send me a message
#40 of 49
17th Nov 2014 11:52
Message from Sun Tzu Jr
Thanks I joined that tournament and drew Andernut in the first game!
#39 of 49
7th Nov 2014 19:07
Message from Amidon37
I love the doubling cube game mechanism. It really brings 2-player dice games to a whole new level. I couldn't reply to your private message -
#38 of 49
30th Oct 2014 09:21
Message from U-555
Good morning: My friend and I are fairly new here. Can you teach us how to play o this map? That is why I invited you.
#37 of 49
3rd Sep 2014 12:32
Message from Garistotle
Hey I have a question about the win condition for quantum entanglement. In team play does one player have to capture an entire side, or will it work if teammates control an entire side?
#36 of 49
7th Jun 2014 20:56
Message from Korrun
Well, I'm 3 for 3 now. Apparently there's something about your boards.
#35 of 49
28th Mar 2014 19:04
Message from Longshanks
Missed the boat, apparently, on your quantum entanglement test. I'd still be happy to help on future test play.
#34 of 49
5th Mar 2014 18:22
Message from NewlyIdle
Just played my first game on New Earth, and really enjoyed it. I can see why it gets such a high rating. But I think I benefited from a map error: S3 W5 produced two units per turn on Republic of Rokjok, not one. Looking at the Factory Bonus column, I see a "+1 [S3W5 - Republic of Rokjok]" and a "+1 [S3 W5 - Markram]". There is no Markram, that seems to be where the extra unit comes from.
#33 of 49
2nd Oct 2013 09:34
Message from Iniquitous Gnome
good game! thanks for the words of encouragement
#32 of 49
12th Aug 2013 10:37
Message from 37
get it...get it
#31 of 49
12th Aug 2013 10:36
Message from 37
I don't get M, I can't take the bloody crown while my enemy who seems to be weaker can.
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