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I love almost all 2 player games, invite me if you dare! haha hope to rise to the top but it will be a hard process with a lot of great players on here. Looking forward to play a bunch of different people and maps.

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8th Mar 2017 21:00
Message from Amidon37
Good to be playing with you again -
#53 of 53
20th Mar 2014 17:49
Message from Thalaiva
haha ok man, will do
#52 of 53
27th Feb 2014 21:13
Message from Amidon37
OK I started another if you want some more - http://www.wargear.net/games/join/346326
#51 of 53
1st Feb 2014 22:12
Message from gazz
hope u finish the game
#50 of 53
26th Jan 2014 15:17
Message from timmy888
2 min gotta change the laundry
#49 of 53
20th Jan 2014 21:32
Message from zdisabled_376f55f5
There is a tournament OOYL. I invited you, join my team.
#48 of 53
29th Dec 2013 00:31
Message from Mad Bomber
Glad to see your back...good luck out there!
#47 of 53
2nd Mar 2012 09:02
Message from Mad Bomber
nice tournament win
#46 of 53
30th Jan 2012 21:50
Message from Scipio
#45 of 53
29th Jan 2012 14:03
Message from Gandalf the Green
yea we can have peace on those borders. idk if this is how you send a private message or not so...
#44 of 53
7th Dec 2011 22:52
Message from Paulville
I have to go now!! SOrry!! Let's play another night!!
#43 of 53
5th Dec 2011 02:58
Message from zdisabled43
#42 of 53
28th Nov 2011 15:36
Message from aids1080
dude you should join the gunslinger tournament going on...
#41 of 53
22nd Nov 2011 07:43
Message from Lucasj
In our world war game, What exactly do you mean "outta your way?"
#40 of 53
4th Nov 2011 21:35
Message from Kav
Man.. u mind leaving Tourian and going to Crateria 1 ? Becoz J-bomb is really putting pressure in Easst and i am not able to get any re-inforcements this way.
#39 of 53
16th Oct 2011 17:36
Message from jcturner5
yeah sure, i'm heading south
#38 of 53
11th Sep 2011 21:54
Message from Edward Nygma
That Tree of Death trophy amazing.
#37 of 53
6th Sep 2011 21:16
Message from WCS1999
I cant send pms, but I agree to the message you sent me.
#36 of 53
25th Aug 2011 19:05
Message from Stivchyk
RE: Game 5 Walk. Agreed. I don't have premium so can't write back via private message.
#35 of 53
22nd Aug 2011 01:15
Message from groundforce
rasp u should have concentrated somewhere else haha no ser. good play against me
#34 of 53
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