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6th Jun 2017 13:16
Message from whwangbo
no prob
#26 of 26
22nd Jan 2017 23:41
Message from RUTHLEZZG
lets team up in "French Resistance Freaks" and win another tournament on that board!!
#25 of 26
4th Oct 2016 13:01
Message from RUTHLEZZG
want to team up in the 'Vorsin' tournament? 3 person team with BlueFinKilla and I? Start a team and message me. Write a comment at the bottom so no one else joins the team
#24 of 26
13th Jun 2016 11:26
Message from RUTHLEZZG
What happened to team Skittles? I'm getting killed in these 2 vs 1 games and we would have won the tournament!
#23 of 26
10th Jan 2015 22:19
Message from Crandawg
Team up in http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/1511 ?
#22 of 26
16th May 2014 15:46
Message from Babbalouie
Do not get me wrong. You are a good player. Everyone has a different philosophy in game play. For the immediate future we are forced into a temporary alliance until we can even the odds.
#21 of 26
6th Apr 2014 15:22
Message from Longshanks
I only took that one in passing. I have no interest in it.
#20 of 26
4th Apr 2014 22:50
Message from Longshanks
I agree entirely with your strategic assessment. I agree to your proposal, with the stipulation that I'll take the rest of De La Pole. Without it, my options are to lose now or later, and that situation makes for a poor ally. With it I can do meaningful damage. Please acknowledge receipt.
#19 of 26
13th Sep 2013 21:54
Message from dondoolee2
yes to truce on the colossal crusade, PM me the details
#18 of 26
4th Sep 2013 07:35
Message from danasteele
http://www.wargear.net/games/player/298270 consider my attack a shot across your bow. you stick to the south, i'll stick to the north, and we will be just fine :-) i may even clear a little out for you.
#17 of 26
30th Jun 2013 22:05
Message from danasteele
sorry, my lack of response and antagonization was to be inferred as truce. i bit at you a little to reduce other player tension. i have your back. but i have very little play with the others from my board position.
#16 of 26
28th Feb 2013 14:08
Message from danasteele
#15 of 26
26th Feb 2013 19:37
Message from dondoolee2
good eye scipio - it's an old Persian carving
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14th Jan 2013 03:34
Message from Kav
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25th Sep 2012 16:50
Message from Kimon
#12 of 26
8th Sep 2012 19:02
Message from Kimon
Definitely didn't have an alliance with him, and now you've weakened me so much that my only options are to either evacuate italy and cede it to him so as to regroup in spain or else use every bonus from here on out in suicidal attacks against you. Attacking me made sense, but only if you had only broken up my spain bonus. you broke up all my bonuses and handed him not only italy, but also berlin, which means you won't even be able to use berlin as a point of containment against his ability to expand. you should have just let the two of us slug it out and then smashed into us after we had weakened each other.
#11 of 26
31st May 2012 00:15
Message from lissandro
ok cool , if we break the truce , 3 rounds notice ... good luck papa
#10 of 26
18th Feb 2012 02:56
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Pity you cannot read the team messages, this guy is exactly the kind I hate!!
#9 of 26
20th Jan 2012 17:00
Message from Greengiant
A truce would be good. OK
#8 of 26
30th Dec 2011 12:09
Message from lissandro
thanks for ur last message dude
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