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victoria BC mid age cabinet maker.31 boots because of moving,then power outages,sux.All fun here tho,I do like 2 win but hay,strategy is 1 thing,luck of the rolls another,lol.Enjoy all!

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17th Feb 2014 11:57
Message from Nikolai
Please don't host team games and then get booted.
#58 of 58
6th Feb 2014 20:57
Message from jenkinswoody
Dude- we are actually going to win that one team game that seemed impossible. I was able to take you out, turn in two sets. Then defy the odds by taking out green (which had a misplay that allowed me to use all of my troops) and now I have red on the ropes with sets over the next two turns. Literally insane!
#57 of 58
5th Feb 2014 19:10
Message from WarGirl
Thanks Gazz, sorry to keep you waiting.
#56 of 58
24th Jan 2014 18:42
Message from COL JR
if I get hacked one more time tonight I am done with this site...maybe some don't want players to be here...
#55 of 58
2nd Oct 2013 23:27
Message from Rhowin
Take me out if Yellow doesn't
#54 of 58
20th Jul 2013 00:45
Message from DeliciousJosh
Hey mate, good games tonight. Lets play again some other day!
#53 of 58
17th Jul 2013 22:59
Message from groundforce
hey join Canadian invasion 9players 3teams
#52 of 58
6th Apr 2013 16:07
Message from uitslaapteiger
about the game "4 war", you told everyone beforehand you were gonna skip a turn, next time post it on ppls walls, this is not how we will win :/
#51 of 58
30th Jan 2013 23:27
Message from groundforce
join game teams
#50 of 58
23rd Dec 2012 17:39
Message from berickf
I don't think our teams ought to be fighting much in "here I stand" http://www.wargear.net/games/view/207566 How about you leave me to take the northern +3 and the +5 beside it, and you take the Southern +3 and the +12 bonus in front of it? We only have 2 players on each of our respective teams,so it makes sense to help each other a bit. Let me know, thanks.
#49 of 58
21st Nov 2012 22:14
Message from dankekong
dont be a baby....finish the game
#48 of 58
20th Nov 2012 23:24
Message from groundforce
alright thats 2 times in a week u started a game the left lol
#47 of 58
6th Nov 2012 23:09
Message from Hand Jibber Master
got you
#46 of 58
25th Oct 2012 23:44
Message from WarGirl
Got most of them, but not all. Green next.
#45 of 58
21st Oct 2012 02:32
Message from KOMAK77
attack to black to eliminate
#44 of 58
27th Jul 2012 01:38
Message from olivia333
Thanks :)
#43 of 58
27th Jun 2012 23:46
Message from krusksmash
temp truce on 1 4 3
#42 of 58
17th Jun 2012 00:55
Message from LG
hey gazz - no thanks on the team game right now, i actually am going to have to withdraw from the 3-person if it doesn't start soon...
#41 of 58
14th Jun 2012 23:42
Message from puzzles
sorry, I will play though, just waiting for my turn.
#40 of 58
8th Jun 2012 20:27
Message from FiveCardArmy
Srry I dropped, power went out right when I posted the game.
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