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Love the comments :)

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11th Nov 2015 06:43
Message from Reggio_E
#56 of 56
4th Jul 2015 17:18
Message from mick2412
I do not understand when people do not play when they are losing. either play or surrender unless you really are aged 6
#55 of 56
7th May 2015 19:18
Message from flyingbelgium
This player is the worst I ever met. Esp in teamgames: he attackes his teammeates for no reason
#54 of 56
2nd May 2015 08:21
Message from Sim88
NWO. Stop being so childish and play the tournament. At least take 10 sec to take a turn and not letting wait the rest of the tournament cause its not going the way you wanted. Grow up man...
#53 of 56
8th Dec 2014 20:56
Message from Blood Stone
I found him not only a good player, but quick. Will play him anytime he wishes and would join his games.
#52 of 56
2nd Oct 2014 17:40
Message from jgreenwood
well this wall pretty much says it all
#51 of 56
3rd Sep 2014 13:43
Message from Garistotle
This guy is your typical complain about the dice type of player, most of the comments on this wall are accurate.
#50 of 56
4th Jul 2014 22:03
Message from COL JR
He is one of the worst to play with. How did he ever get such a high rating. But stalling to win?
#49 of 56
1st Jul 2014 01:18
Message from TheChineseTankMan
i can understand intentionally not taking a turn without surrendering when the other player(s) cheat(s), but when the other player has been fair then doing so is poor sportsmanship! :(
#48 of 56
30th Jun 2014 22:52
Message from COL JR
The loser just doesn't get it....AVOID HIM
#47 of 56
29th Jun 2014 22:29
Message from COL JR
Avoid this loser he stalls like a little girl. NWO do me a favor and stay off my tables.
#46 of 56
27th Jun 2014 13:29
Message from COL JR
I have to concur with RoyalCrown...his rating is no indication of his poor ability. When he loses he stalls. Avoid at all cost.
#45 of 56
20th Jun 2014 15:15
Message from RoyalCrown
Lol, this player is perhaps the biggest pussy I have ever encountered in my entire life.
#44 of 56
12th Jun 2014 16:18
Message from RoyalCrown
Player is a HUGE pussy and quits game when losing. Such a coward.
#43 of 56
9th Jun 2014 00:31
Message from TheChineseTankMan
Well, at least you allowed me to beat you 2 games in a row (where the site favoured me in the setup in 2nd win of mine but favoured neither of us in my 1st win) after the site heavily favoured you in our first 2 matchups (which of course you won). Then you went hiding...
#42 of 56
7th Jun 2014 20:26
Message from Dud
I have kept giving you some benefit of the doubt as you stall in games IF the game does not go in your favor. Well, you keep doing it and that is not the type of competitor I seek out. With that, please do us both a favor and don't join my games anymore.
#41 of 56
29th May 2014 01:21
Message from TheChineseTankMan
So after 4 straight games of the site heavily favouring you, you quit right after I win the 5th game a little favouring me? Wow! :o
#40 of 56
28th May 2014 01:55
Message from doniczkov
man, you're cheap
#39 of 56
23rd May 2014 02:47
Message from Dthief
You are not nearly as bad as everyone has written, but you still come off as pretty arrogant. Nice tournament.
#38 of 56
19th May 2014 10:37
Message from Kerrigan
You are the worst player I have ever had to play with. Not because of your lack of skill, it's because you are a bag of shit. Please make it a point to avoid my teams in the future.
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