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This is a game. Quit complaining!

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27th Sep 2011 11:43
Message from TrizOz
hey man, on the map "play", of mario bros, we have to slow down blue... what do you think ? Is a truce ok for you ?
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28th Jul 2011 13:45
Message from Red1
MAn Kommis you love the Guantlet game don't you! I'm getting better at it but I'm still learning things about it everytime I play.
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27th May 2011 06:30
Message from Ana0707
shall u play? maybe?
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6th May 2011 17:52
Message from Moris
Hi. Unfortunately i can't accept, as you can see on your left also i'm the most present color, so even on this side i'm the one you would attack. What i can offer you is to leave you alone for a while and to remove my 6 more in the north where you are well placed (h part)
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24th Mar 2011 16:12
Message from Oatworm
Noticed your comment in the A&A tourney - you do realize it's a free-for-all (no teams), right? ;-)
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11th Mar 2011 03:07
Message from Rasputin
blue was the color i first won my gauntlet game in, and now i pick it when its available. Since i realized that when you own a player spot you get all their food bonuses too, ive been doing a lot better on the map.
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5th Mar 2011 03:22
Message from idealspark
accept my surrenders kommis, can't handle these two player games we're in.
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4th Mar 2011 21:10
Message from RiskyBack
It's been brought up before but I have no idea what I would do any different except maybe add walls that could be destroyed or something. I'm not big on the idea of just making 4 new mazes.
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17th Feb 2011 00:59
Message from Rasputin
I hate you right now, now i have to win all the rest of the games, i downed risky and castrated horse, now its on to alpha
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13th Feb 2011 03:36
Message from Gimli
Thank you, but I fear I am digging my own grave... you show a great efficiency in your expansions and unit utilization. I look forward to defending my points against you! Will have to keep an eye out, all games were a pleasure! Even when you schooled me bad!
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11th Feb 2011 08:56
Message from AttilaTheHun
Check it out quick before I lose and fall back down: http://www.wargear.net/boards/view/Gauntlet/Rankings
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1st Feb 2011 02:04
Message from Rasputin
I have a blast playing you on the bomb factory board or any board for that matter, learns the new boards fast, tough guy to beat, fun guy to play.
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17th Jan 2011 10:08
Message from AdamN
It looks like the fog has really messed with you in the 4play tourney. It's about time I manage to beat you.
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18th Nov 2010 12:58
Message from AttilaTheHun
Hey KommisMar what's the history behind your name?
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7th Nov 2010 19:53
Message from AdamN
I know it is early in the site's life but I find it frustrating how long it takes to start a 32 person tourney....
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4th Nov 2010 13:21
Message from RiskyBack
It's only kind of a flaw in the map. I was well aware that that was a possibility and that's why the fog is so heavy to try and give people a false sense that they still have a shot in the finale. The other player should still have a bunch more units and if you take the other Quickening you should stop that bonus problem. Yeah, it's a pain but it really just means that the other player isn't doing very well or is just camping out which is a strategy that I have yet to find a way to eliminate because I find it annoying.
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11th Oct 2010 14:21
Message from Oatworm
The winning strategy that I've seen, and which I've used fairly consistently, is to aggressively secure a square ASAP (i.e. one of the four areas), cleaning everyone out of one, then quickly disrupting everyone else's attempts at the same. Remember, there's only one way to attack a square, and that's through the EXIT areas - that's only one point of entry that's fairly easy to defend, as opposed to *at least* two points of defense if you're trying to stay alive on every part of the board. Also, don't be afraid to use the History viewer and see how people are winning. I was schooled by someone using that same strategy against me, checked the History viewer to find out how I lost so quickly, then adapted it myself. It isn't original, but it's effective.
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1st Oct 2010 15:05
Message from Oatworm
Just want to give you some props for being a good sport on Gauntlet. I used to get smacked around on that board like a red-headed stepchild until I started watching the histories of my games to find out what strategies the winners were employing. Worked like a champ!
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