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13th Nov 2012 08:10
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Comment ca va Ju?
#11 of 11
23rd May 2012 00:09
Message from Mzunghu
ju si t es chaud , on le sort le bleu sur la french resistance .... on s attaque plus ... ca fait 15 fois que j essaie de te parler papa donne moi des news
#10 of 11
18th Feb 2012 19:34
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Oh Ju!!! Booté sur une map j'avais jamais vu!! Je crois qu'il y a une faute à la phrase de ton profil...
#9 of 11
11th Dec 2011 12:10
Message from Jah Warren
Ju balance moi ton pseudo sur skype je viens de m'y mettre la biz mon poto à très vite!!!!
#8 of 11
14th Oct 2011 14:33
Message from Ardinos
Classic, Bear Grylls:) GG in Fallout BTW.
#7 of 11
4th Oct 2011 03:05
Message from RazingAces
In the next few days I'll make the adjustment and see how it works. When its ready I'll send you an invite. Thanks for the help!
#6 of 11
3rd Oct 2011 14:36
Message from Patton
Turn 1 complete, your turn is turn 1 for you.
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28th Sep 2011 07:09
Message from Levowsky
Thanks for the invitation. But I´m in more than 10 tournaments active and now I Can´t. of course accept your invitation whenever I can
#4 of 11
16th Sep 2011 10:00
Message from Mad Bomber
strong work on that chess game! This guy would make a strong partner to play with
#3 of 11
6th Sep 2011 21:26
Message from RazingAces
I'll play crusade if you want to make it a team game like 3v3v3 or 4v4. Just post when you're on and we'll play a few more games. 'Till then let the dice be Aces and your cards be wilds.
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1st Sep 2011 06:33
Message from RazingAces
We definitely have seen some crazy games today, let me know if you are down for another session sometime.
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