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I love the games, Warfish, Wargear, Risk ect. Lots of transplants from Warfish here. Great site. See you on the battle field!

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5th Jan 2015 21:44
Message from danasteele
http://www.wargear.net/games/player/394510 i know it may mean little now, but i apologize for my attack. i misread that you were on the team that was dominating the other side of the board. it will not happen again.
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21st Aug 2013 18:04
Message from Boiling Baron
Truce accepted: I will abandon Kane South Interchange and go into grey and green. Acceptable?
#11 of 12
20th Feb 2013 23:39
Message from ivanfly
That's funny, we both had the same idea.
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20th Feb 2013 23:36
Message from ivanfly
Sorry, I am horrible looking at my wall. Just saw your message.
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6th Aug 2011 09:03
Message from KommisMar
Yeah, I love the Gauntlet board -- it's probably my favorite on WarGear. Sometimes I feel like people gang up on me since my rating started going up, though. ;-)
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27th Apr 2011 10:42
Message from zdisabled_c9e631c1
Go ahead and grab those two territories, just stay out of my business until we take care of Raptor.
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25th Apr 2011 23:36
Message from zdisabled_c9e631c1
Sounds good. Nothing for three rounds.
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31st Mar 2011 18:50
Message from The Rope
No worries at all. It isn't perfect, but this was the best way I could think up to make them different from the bonus cities. It is way better than the way I did it on warfish, so that is something at least :)
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31st Mar 2011 17:27
Message from The Rope
Heyo, you need to take Savannah as well. The port cities that don't have the full white circle are a part of the state they are attached too because they don't get their own individual bonus. They still get the defense bonus on attacks from sea though.
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13th Feb 2011 03:30
Message from Aloner
So THIS you call the truce?! Ok.
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12th Feb 2011 03:07
Message from Aloner
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21st Oct 2010 15:08
Message from Ardinos
Yes I'm bad dad from Warfish. Why?
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