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Edward Nygma and Ozyman have been releasing some cool boards lately, I'd go check them out!

I've played a lot of antastic 1v1 tourneys... think i am gonna stop joining them. some great battles, but they eat up a lot of time, and can't get into as many of the cool boards that are out there. Lots of awesome creativity by this community!

This is funny:
"Congratulations, you've won http://www.wargear.net/games/player/32805

This game took 1 day 7 hours 2 minutes 13 seconds to finish and you took 1 turns.

You eliminated 3 players."

My favourite tourney on any site is the Round Robin, Antastic 1vs1 with highest level of fog! So much fun!

For my own records: peak: 2nd Gimli 4toruneys 1763t score 2/24/11
4th Gimli 2330overall score

Gimli's Wall

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1st Sep 2016 03:48
Message from RUTHLEZZG
How you been buddy? Want to play as a team in the French Resistance tournament: "Two Kings are Better Than One?". I'm sub-par on that board but perhaps with your help we could win the tourney!
#143 of 143
16th May 2013 23:37
Message from Andernut
He logged in in March! I see it! Come back!
#142 of 143
17th Aug 2012 13:44
Message from Thingol
Gimli, in the words of the great George Foreman, "where is ya?". You haven't hung up your axe or moved on to other (less green) pastures...?
#141 of 143
5th Aug 2012 22:20
Message from RUTHLEZZG
Hey next time there is a 3 person team game (or if you want to create one). You, me and BLUEFINKILLA would make a great team! (especially cause i can write private team messages without being a plus member!!!)
#140 of 143
2nd Aug 2012 22:59
Message from Thingol
Gimli...finally got my Kursk map live. :) Itlooks like you've cut back on your play on this site. I put a tourney out there if you're up to adding your simulplay skills to it.
#139 of 143
5th Apr 2012 05:05
Message from ratsy
Believe it or not, I'm originally from Cowtown, but I've been in edmonton for a couple of years now. I like this place. Cheers!
#138 of 143
4th Apr 2012 17:00
Message from Thingol
Hey Gim, the Kursk tourney seems to have gotten unstuck over on WF somehow. Please check in every so often - I think it's one more game til you will have an opponent. ;)
#137 of 143
15th Nov 2011 11:49
Message from RUTHLEZZG
thanx for the invite. Lets show them what teamwork is about
#136 of 143
14th Oct 2011 09:18
Message from CK66
Hi Gimli - thanks for your recent review of my Tower Defense map. I'm glad you like it.
#135 of 143
13th Oct 2011 18:48
Message from Viper
It was difficult to find a balance of keeping to the show cannon (including using real gate addresses and symbols) on the Stargate SG-1 board and keeping it playable. I had hoped I found a happy and perhaps tedious at first balance of the two..
#134 of 143
13th Oct 2011 14:19
Message from Edward Nygma
Thanks a lot Gimli!
#133 of 143
13th Oct 2011 00:51
Message from Ozyman
Thanks for the nice note on my wall. I hope you like my implementation of the invention map. I think it came out pretty well, although I'm still not 100% happy with it. But I might never be. I plan on having a "paleolithic" scenario or something which will allow multiple players and will I think help with one of its weakness. Hopefully the beta games will help me figure out if one of the civilizations has a much better/worse change than the others. I have to also say that it wouldn't be possible with out the new factories & barren territories features that Tom added, and really it was Edward Nygma that opened my eyes when I saw pong.
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30th Sep 2011 00:23
Message from nullsignal
i've been playing kind of a lot of kjeld's war of the rings map, but i'm up for whatever.
#131 of 143
26th Sep 2011 16:45
Message from nullsignal
dude. we've only played two games on this site. shameful. we must remedy this.
#130 of 143
17th Sep 2011 20:46
Message from Sir Adam
Hey, I started a game with you. hopefully I can win this time...
#129 of 143
8th Sep 2011 02:30
Message from Dire
And here I am! Good to see you here Gimli!
#128 of 143
6th Sep 2011 06:06
Message from Spillo
yes i hate wurzell very much! me too :)
#127 of 143
6th Sep 2011 05:23
Message from Toto
Number 2 now !!!
#126 of 143
29th Aug 2011 04:46
Message from Toto
Congrats for your 3rd position in the T ranking ! Your are close to being number 2. Don't even think of getting first.
#125 of 143
23rd Aug 2011 01:36
Message from Ceggon
Thanks for the kind words Gimli. It's nice to be back among some friendly faces. Warfish had gotten pretty lonely, and Cyanide's gaming of the downtime makes me wish there was an electronic face punch option :)
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