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"You fool!" croaked the frog, “What have you done, now we shall both die! Why on earth did you sting me?"

The scorpion gave a little shrug and as they both sank below the turbulent water he replied.

"I could not help myself. It is my nature."

P.S. I'm kinda a big deal.

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25th Aug 2022 15:27
Message from MrPlaya
Interested in designing maps ???
#151 of 151
25th Aug 2022 15:27
Message from MrPlaya
Interested in designing maps ???
#150 of 151
2nd Jul 2021 16:35
Message from Boomstick
Hey RiskyBack. In the thread below, asm and Yertle mention that you're a published author. Asm even uses the indefinite article which suggests you've published more than one. What have you written? I love reading and will read just about anything.
#149 of 151
24th Sep 2020 00:27
Message from asm
Hey. I bought your a book of yours a while back. I enjoyed it! It reminds me of you.
#148 of 151
26th Apr 2020 23:04
Message from DBA72
Hey Risky, don’t know if you remember me, but I just wanted to say hello. Hope you’re doing well.
#147 of 151
26th Mar 2020 11:54
Message from Yertle
Hey, aren't you that published author guy?! Cool to see your name pop-up here! Hope you're staying safe!
#146 of 151
26th Mar 2020 09:40
Message from Johasi Vidad
Glad to see you back
#145 of 151
7th Nov 2015 16:02
Message from Kjeld
Any thoughts about Dolmabahce Sarayi? Happy to play more games if you want, just let me know.
#144 of 151
11th Jan 2015 16:44
Message from asm
Hey bud. Wanted to say an official "hello" to you. I am so glad that you're still around here, stinking up the place, even if it's a bit less time than you used to spend.
#143 of 151
11th Dec 2014 18:03
Message from Cumberdale
#142 of 151
16th Nov 2012 23:55
Message from Andernut
RNegarding Riskiest catch since the bottom left boat doesn't have a mast it makes it different when starting there... I don't understand why the mast would do anything, it's just a graphic but ultimately I know the reasoning now and can compensate for masts.
#141 of 151
12th Nov 2012 19:43
Message from Andernut
FYI - Riskiest Catch! is missing a border between T24 & T25.
#140 of 151
18th Oct 2012 03:04
Message from Yertle
Yo Risky, Care if I fix a border modifier on For The Love Of Smurf board? Path 12 to Path 3 is 12vs12 rather than 12vs0, I could make it quick and to the Live version, just let me know if this isn't intended! Thanks! =Yertle
#139 of 151
26th Sep 2012 22:40
Message from Nikolai
I think that Zombie Farm shouldn't let players control the territory they abandon. It's too easy for the Survivors to attack then retreat to a fortified territory. Otherwise, I'm so pleased you've brought it over from WF!
#138 of 151
7th Sep 2012 13:03
Message from BlackDog
In Walking Dead, it appears that Deck 30 should connect to Living Room 1, but they do not. I'm excited to try it out though!
#137 of 151
16th Aug 2012 19:35
Message from Thingol
Left you a post on the AvA review game that might impact your turn heavily.
#136 of 151
30th May 2012 16:47
Message from Aiken Drumn
Can't say my opinion has changed much, but then again. I think the map works as you intended, I just prefer "deeper" maps. This game can swing so easily between win or lose.. not my style!
#135 of 151
29th May 2012 13:21
Message from Yertle
Hey Risky, Cumber gave me the green light for any of his maps, I'd really like to see Zombie Farm over here too, but I haven't had a chance to work on it yet. You wanna port it over?
#134 of 151
19th Apr 2012 18:50
Message from Aiken Drumn
I think I found problem that unless your first turn is successful, you are stuffed as you won't survive long enough to cash in your cards. I can't see how that game will ever last more than a couple of turns. I honestly didn't know what I was doing, was just trying to hold on.. an then realised all I needed to do was capture the castles. Perhaps it was because I was against players that didn't know either, but it seemed like the hordes rules never really came into play, the map isn't big enough for that. I'll try another game or two and see how it goes, but I would suggest a map about twice the size would give a much more enjoyable experience.
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29th Jan 2012 10:32
Message from Mad Bomber
this guy is funny!
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