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Hugh was/is the best player.....the guy has nearly 200 loses from boots

I play more than three boards....

i want equal amounts of blueberry's in every muffin

Negative 22 r 1.......

Only Thingol knows my pain

It's been fun..... very few people know 1/7

Mad Bomber's Wall

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14th Jul 2012 23:23
Message from Cona Chris
It's been fun trading the #2 and #3 spots with you! Seems like every couple of days there's a swing.
#34 of 114
2nd Jul 2012 00:29
Message from Kjeld
Lorax tourney still has open spots... =)
#33 of 114
7th Jun 2012 18:34
Message from BorisTheFrugal
Haven't played a game with you in a while. Pick a team tourney and let's join up.
#32 of 114
21st May 2012 17:52
Message from RUTHLEZZG
This Africa game could be over already, i hit Red with everything I had and hopefully u can do the same....
#31 of 114
18th May 2012 12:06
Message from RUTHLEZZG
shaka bravo (2d try) [R3G1] » Player - africa map. red has alot of 6s on the other side of me (in the middle towards the north) if we square off i am sure Red has the game
#30 of 114
5th Apr 2012 07:06
Message from ratsy
Hey Bomber, can I use the trophy pic you made for "Show em your nuts 2"? Got an idea for a board, and that pic would be useful.
#29 of 114
17th Mar 2012 15:34
Message from corvo013
Tough opponent. Knows how to watch for and when to make his move in game.
#28 of 114
22nd Feb 2012 22:52
Message from FurBabe
Wow! Thanks for noticing my rise, Mad Bomber! (giggle) High praise indeed coming from the player who has given me the highest percentage of spanking on Wargear! (mmmmmm spanking)
#27 of 114
19th Feb 2012 12:58
Message from Knosken
A player who likes to say "strong player"
#26 of 114
9th Feb 2012 22:54
Message from CiscoKid
I killed you and you will not die in the game!
#25 of 114
4th Feb 2012 17:23
Message from DBA72
wow, in the top 20...have you ever been so lofty before?
#24 of 114
25th Jan 2012 16:29
Message from BorisTheFrugal
Do absolutely everything in your power to avoid this player. He WILL beat you....mercilessly. And he's got an amazing avatar right now.
#23 of 114
14th Jan 2012 22:28
Message from Cona Chris
Thanks for the compliment on my wall! Love the new avatar. "Damn shame what they did to that dog..."
#22 of 114
10th Jan 2012 20:12
Message from Thingol
Thanks you sir. You are too kind. :)
#21 of 114
26th Dec 2011 19:48
Message from Lucasj
That sounds good, sorry I missed my turn, I had surgery a few days ago.
#20 of 114
16th Sep 2011 08:53
Message from TrizOz
it was indeed a good idea on the Chess Board... lol we won :)
#19 of 114
14th Sep 2011 08:51
Message from TrizOz
Ok I ll attack him and only him, like i did for the last few rounds... he is way too solid, i didnt know about his fog skills !!! Good luck !
#18 of 114
11th Sep 2011 20:44
Message from TrizOz
Nothing personal man :) Look at it more as a payback for taking my bonus away ! I ll get my territory back and leave you alone for a bit.
#17 of 114
18th Aug 2011 02:21
Message from Gimli
Thanks Mad Bomber... it is mostly due to 1v1 games... less left to chance. Bomb Factory a bit, a lot of Heavy Fog Antastic! Though my cabinet is not nearly as nice as yours! (in # and looks!)
#16 of 114
30th Jul 2011 12:14
Message from Scipio
If you can do some damage in Italy I think it will keep them off balance...
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