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be sure to reference Wargear or the game, or I'll ignore/delete it.

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5th Aug 2013 15:33
Message from ratsy
Love the new Graphic!
#26 of 26
26th Dec 2012 17:50
Message from Korrun
You are right, I should have broken my truce with sportlust in hold on my heart sooner. Sorry for getting carried away there attacking you.
#25 of 26
26th Aug 2012 17:56
Message from Quazimoto
I went to join your game and you already had a partner. Sorry it would have been fun.
#24 of 26
9th Aug 2012 12:44
Message from kawe
I cann't send private massages, but I agree with your notes.
#23 of 26
28th Jul 2012 07:47
Message from bmasera
That's the fun of 1v1v1 I suppose, it's a constantly fluctuating 2v1 until someone gets into being in a position where they are the 1, but with enough force to eliminate the other 2. Or, they get strong enough to eliminate 1, then get run over by the other 1. ;-) Anyway, my bonus is 2, yours is 2 and his is 3, so, you jumping to 5 by taking Europe wasn't such an appealing option, just like my holding Asia wasn't so appealing to you. We fought, blue built up, back to square one, except Blue isn't way out in front anymore like last time. It has been a fun game though.
#22 of 26
27th Jul 2012 14:42
Message from ratsy
Thanks DBA, I'll catch you on the next one!
#21 of 26
25th Jul 2012 10:19
Message from bmasera
I didn't want to attack your 1 in Europe, but my attack on central america was going poorly and I needed to get a card somewhere.
#20 of 26
23rd Jul 2012 10:58
Message from bmasera
About as likely of him letting me hold Asia if I ever get to having it. Did you watch the replay of my breaking his bonuses? I really had no business winning that 7v8 to get into S. America, then having enough left over to get him in N. America as well was over the top. But, we needed an all or nothing move to extend the game, and it seemed to work. For now anyways.
#19 of 26
28th May 2012 15:53
Message from Patton
Was the baby's middle name Assbugle? Maybe they thought of it at camp? We need to get you a trophy!
#18 of 26
27th May 2012 15:36
Message from Patton
Okay Barney, let the legend...dairy journey begin! I am hungry for another trophy!
#17 of 26
26th May 2012 12:45
Message from gazz
your turn,join 3 fast
#16 of 26
22nd May 2012 02:21
Message from Mine
Well done... just 3 more to go
#15 of 26
21st Mar 2012 12:59
Message from General Domination
just a heads-up. I am determined to take back top rating on super mario from you...
#14 of 26
17th Mar 2012 21:51
Message from Mad Bomber
never give up....never surrender
#13 of 26
26th Jan 2012 14:03
Message from RUTHLEZZG
http://www.wargear.net/games/player/104289 lets see if lowest ranked player on this map can win one....last time they cheated me when 3 were left and ganged up....
#12 of 26
11th Dec 2011 10:51
Message from Mad Bomber
Strong player....good guy
#11 of 26
18th Nov 2011 12:21
Message from BlackDog
You should add a custom trophy for your Resources tourney, I would definitely join that.
#10 of 26
22nd Oct 2011 01:06
Message from suax
Hey, we won the first leg of the tournament. Keep up the good work! :) 2nd leg is up next..you've just been invited.
#9 of 26
8th Oct 2011 00:59
Message from suax
Hey DBA72, let's focus on attacking 1 person only in the 2v2 tournament. Let's attack blue in south america. :) take blue out ASAP. Once the game becomes 2v1, it should be easy. :)
#8 of 26
31st Aug 2011 11:40
Message from Darby OGill
Somehow we are about to pull out a win in Legen...Dary Tourney. I think you got eliminated 45 days ago and other teammate a week ago but we are gonna pull through.
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