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Great site, great job Tom/Kobra Kai, along with Yertle, Cram, Kjeld and Edward Nygma, among several others.

Please check out my maps and, if you have any feedback or ideas, please shoot them to me. I'm always happy to update things for the better.

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16th Jan 2019 19:40
Message from Ender
I would love a good A&A game!!! Oh the years of rust though...
#23 of 23
13th Jan 2019 16:27
Message from Rad-Warrior
Thanks, got it!
#22 of 23
12th Jan 2019 12:16
Message from Rad-Warrior
thanks for the info on Ravenloft, but I cant figure out where the Rogue Houses and Warehouses are?
#21 of 23
3rd Jan 2019 12:36
Message from Amidon37
Yeah - I may even be working myself down to 0 games. I don't know though - it does seem the site is picking up a little recently so maybe I'll keep at it. It's been a good time for sure -
#20 of 23
20th Dec 2018 11:40
Message from AttilaTheHun
Impressive, getting that tourney filled!
#19 of 23
12th Oct 2018 15:42
Message from Wedge
I'm back in the mix - if you've got any games going, let me know!
#18 of 23
9th Apr 2018 02:22
Message from Anton3237
Thingol, with the Ravenloft scenarios of Strahd vs Heroes, I’m in a game in which I can’t fortify. I’m not sure if this has something to do with the changes you made because it was working before. Sorry to bother you :) http://www.wargear.net/games/view/615818
#17 of 23
28th Mar 2018 15:33
Message from Bobbylon
Yeah, I know about board rankings and championship points. I was asking about the entire server Global Ranking Score "Ranking List" and the Championship Points "Ranking List", which are shown in brackets on your profile. Yours are (#42) and (#31) respectively. I guess one needs to complete certain number of games before entering these ranking lists. I was asking how many one should complete. I have completed 9 games and 2 team games and still have not entered these two lists. Got 2 championship points as well.
#16 of 23
19th Mar 2018 19:12
Message from Bobbylon
Do you know after how many completed games one enters the ranking lists of the server?
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26th Jan 2018 12:18
Message from jamesosb
Just FYI, I noticed on your map, A and A Tech 2v2 - Spain is marked as a +1 bonus on the map (white circle), but continent bonus is -1. All other scenarios Spain looks fine, just this one has the bug.
#14 of 23
18th Jan 2018 05:22
Message from Bobbylon
Invitation sent. I also created open games on these maps: War of the Ring, LOTGR, The Shire (also yours). You might be interested to join them. ;)
#13 of 23
17th Jan 2018 17:27
Message from Bobbylon
Hi there! I noticed you have created the map Silmarillion for 2 players. Would you like to play it with me?
#12 of 23
6th May 2017 16:21
Message from Kjeld
I finally noticed that you update your profile pic with a thumbnail of all your released boards. Cool idea!
#11 of 23
22nd Mar 2017 09:56
Message from Musashi
Hi there! Any interest in teaming up for the new Civil War tournament? http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/2214
#10 of 23
19th Feb 2017 19:38
Message from bshuk
Dang, I keep missing your invites, but please keep me looped. Big fan of your boards.
#9 of 23
3rd Feb 2017 15:14
Message from Chele Nica
You're welcome :)
#8 of 23
19th Oct 2016 21:26
Message from Mad Bomber
The guy is top ranked on 1 board...... what you got on my 40?
#7 of 23
7th Feb 2015 20:50
Message from Mad Bomber
Strong player
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28th Oct 2014 08:44
Message from renjason
Created a new board? I'll check it out.
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20th Jul 2014 23:18
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey Man, I've been in Guate for 2 days now. I'm staying in the SE part of the city which is the wealthy area and thing seem pretty nice here. But, that said the guards at the Taco Bell in the club district are packing semiautomatic pistols and parking lot guards at the hotels tend to have shotguns. Which, tend to imply security is an issue or at least taken seriously. But, I don't think that's anything new either. For the border/immigration stuff while there seems to be a bump lately, but I don't know if it's a true explosion or just a media thing. Mexican and Central American kids have been crossing the border in large numbers for decades. For the drug war situation is that in Mexico it's got better this last year and generally been pushed out of most of the major cities, except for along the border, and specific drug trafficking routes. But, that doesn't mean the stuff isn't still going on out in the country side. As for Central America, yeah El Salvador has always been bad, but in the last few years violence in Honduras has sky rocketed, which also splashes into the surrounding countries. But, the Guatemalan refugees aren't coming from the Capitol or major cities. They are all fleeing from the little border villages and mountain towns the cartels decide to take over as part of their trafficking routes. The crazy thing is the safest country to live in of all the ones involved? Columbia. They actually managed to 'win' their drug war AKA Kill all the Narcos who chose violence over business, make the cartels police themselves (nothing pays better than the drugs so get them to frown on other crimes), and keep collateral damage away from regular people. The drugs are going to flow, it's just a matter of how and who gets hurt along the way.
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