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20th Feb 2021 13:45
Message from Johasi Vidad
Taking a break from the site or just wanted to change up the profile image?
#32 of 32
13th May 2020 09:09
Message from DeVine
hey, I have no idea what I'm doing in our game, lol. glad for any advice/help you'll offer
#31 of 32
6th May 2020 17:46
Message from Aiken Drumn
How many games are you dipping into that you've not even played in?! Few times i've had either helpful comments from you (thanks) and today I saw you had congratulated someone winning a Silmarillion game.
#30 of 32
11th Aug 2019 13:17
Message from The Mountain
thanks for playing European War, credit also to Ozyman who helped me work out the kinks
#29 of 32
30th Jul 2019 23:19
Message from Shredder
Brilliant. Board designer, teammate, foe, friend.
#28 of 32
9th Apr 2019 17:33
Message from Litotes
Thanks, it ended during a real time game on CC as I tried in vain to reach the 20s.
#27 of 32
3rd Apr 2019 19:39
Message from Rad-Warrior
I missed out on D&Doploy, if you start another one let me know.
#26 of 32
10th Mar 2019 19:24
Message from Rad-Warrior
Thanks Bro, yeah it will depend on with character I get!
#25 of 32
27th Feb 2019 14:15
Message from AfroDaby
Hey man! I just got back on after seeing a bunch of folks join our discord server. Thought I'd come check things out! I know your message was from almost a year ago, but I'd love to see what you have going on in Ravenloft!
#24 of 32
16th Jan 2019 19:40
Message from Ender
I would love a good A&A game!!! Oh the years of rust though...
#23 of 32
13th Jan 2019 16:27
Message from Rad-Warrior
Thanks, got it!
#22 of 32
12th Jan 2019 12:16
Message from Rad-Warrior
thanks for the info on Ravenloft, but I cant figure out where the Rogue Houses and Warehouses are?
#21 of 32
3rd Jan 2019 12:36
Message from Amidon37
Yeah - I may even be working myself down to 0 games. I don't know though - it does seem the site is picking up a little recently so maybe I'll keep at it. It's been a good time for sure -
#20 of 32
20th Dec 2018 11:40
Message from AttilaTheHun
Impressive, getting that tourney filled!
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12th Oct 2018 15:42
Message from Wedge
I'm back in the mix - if you've got any games going, let me know!
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9th Apr 2018 02:22
Message from Anton3237
Thingol, with the Ravenloft scenarios of Strahd vs Heroes, I’m in a game in which I can’t fortify. I’m not sure if this has something to do with the changes you made because it was working before. Sorry to bother you :) http://www.wargear.net/games/view/615818
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28th Mar 2018 15:33
Message from Bobbylon
Yeah, I know about board rankings and championship points. I was asking about the entire server Global Ranking Score "Ranking List" and the Championship Points "Ranking List", which are shown in brackets on your profile. Yours are (#42) and (#31) respectively. I guess one needs to complete certain number of games before entering these ranking lists. I was asking how many one should complete. I have completed 9 games and 2 team games and still have not entered these two lists. Got 2 championship points as well.
#16 of 32
19th Mar 2018 19:12
Message from Bobbylon
Do you know after how many completed games one enters the ranking lists of the server?
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26th Jan 2018 12:18
Message from jamesosb
Just FYI, I noticed on your map, A and A Tech 2v2 - Spain is marked as a +1 bonus on the map (white circle), but continent bonus is -1. All other scenarios Spain looks fine, just this one has the bug.
#14 of 32
18th Jan 2018 05:22
Message from Bobbylon
Invitation sent. I also created open games on these maps: War of the Ring, LOTGR, The Shire (also yours). You might be interested to join them. ;)
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