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I had about 15 turns skipped. This site should have a "turn skipped" stat, I am sure that the skip has cost me a few wins and I may win a couple despite the skipping.

Again, this skipping thing has cost me. The wrath I have felt from this is measurable...

I like to 7414 it.


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16th Jul 2019 09:54
Message from Andernut
Thanks for the offer - While I take turns multiple times daily, I'm more sporadic on week-ends and will for sure get skipped in a 1-day skip tournament (especially in the summer when I'm camping much of the time).
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5th May 2019 14:09
Message from mco5044
http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/2610 Join The Master Keys team. Let's do this!
#39 of 40
5th May 2019 10:59
Message from warqueer
Just saw your message about the one tourney but it is random selection, but i made a team for us on air attack. hope you join!
#38 of 40
27th Feb 2019 23:28
Message from warqueer
I just saw your message on my board to join the bloodbath tournament, and now the team is full. sorry bud
#37 of 40
25th Feb 2019 12:20
Message from mco5044
I'm down to join. Can you send me an invite so I can find it?
#36 of 40
9th Jun 2018 14:39
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Thx for these indian battles Ruthlezzg's!
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13th Nov 2017 20:55
Message from GeneralDisorder
well done in that tourney we just won!
#34 of 40
4th Oct 2016 20:52
Message from kentlossusofclout
Hey RUTHLEZZG - I am down to play that tourny. Team name is Ham and Eggs, so join on up.
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17th Aug 2016 21:51
Message from Scipio
I have no idea what happened....
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7th May 2014 17:26
Message from drowzdrewz
lol fair enuf
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26th Mar 2014 15:36
Message from drowzdrewz
in our game one time... purple is gettin too big for us too handle, already talked to red an said i wouldnt att him for a few turns to go after purple, he has clear advantage in territories and cards and cities... we need to slow him down before he runs us all over. he has 5 cards and will get a nice bonus next turn so we need to stop him before that happens, hope u use ur cards wisely!
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9th Dec 2013 07:50
Message from acaesar11
That's fine, willing to not focus on your team, provided your territories aren't in the way of securing bonuses. Instead, will work against the other team.
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19th Nov 2013 08:04
Message from godvig
hey man, we've gotta work together against yellow in the infectiongame, otherwise he's gonna win
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17th Sep 2013 02:57
Message from limburg
it wasn't a problem if she attacked green because she could'nt chain.. green only has 2 cards so she wouldn't be able to turn in having only 4 cards in total if she eliminated him.. You should have covered blue. lets hope she won't make it (pretty close)
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10th Sep 2013 17:28
Message from limburg
probably just saved you from getting eaten by civilmurph.. could have taken you out and grab your cards but I hate the alliance between blue and green so i deserve an ally 2, no?
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5th Sep 2013 18:28
Message from limburg
trying to protect you in the europe game for a while, but green keeps pushing me back and pink is building up so i need to look out for him ^^
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24th Jun 2013 07:12
Message from Teamster
Thanks for letting me know RUTHLEZZG. It's comments like yours that make it fun and worthwhile.
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24th Feb 2013 13:55
Message from limburg
now your second strongest ;)
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8th Jan 2013 17:46
Message from limburg
but then i'll have to defend on even more places :(
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2nd Nov 2012 13:42
Message from limburg
aint attacking you any more for the asia bonus. so weak that they had that aliance for ages... hope they hit each other and have one big force ready to try and hit the one that stands..
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