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Back in town for a bit.

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8th Jan 2015 14:46
Message from Yertle
Hey Friend! Good to see you back in town...now make a board! :D Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!
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13th Dec 2014 10:57
Message from asm
I did NOT see that coming! You've been away longer than I have. Hope you're well!
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12th Dec 2014 21:59
Message from RiskyBack
Taking time from your 31 days of Beers-mas to play some game?
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11th Dec 2014 16:26
Message from asm
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7th Apr 2012 21:21
Message from The Cooler
Hello Cumberdale. I have loved your boards and was wondering didn't you have one centered around a mall taking on monsters and the like on Warfish? Would love to see it transfered to this site. Thanks in advance, Joseph
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22nd Sep 2011 12:36
Message from Hugh
Hi Cumberdale - sorry to bug you on this one, but I don't think it's a Yertle port. On Bomb Factory, any X2-X3 or X5-X4 is labeled on the map as 50% defender. In the history and board viewer it's showing 60% defender (so, the defense on this one goes, 30%-40%-60%-60%-70%-80%-90% instead of 30-40-50-...)
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1st Jun 2011 11:02
Message from Targo
Thanks for inviting me to play Pangea, I didn't get to join because I didn't see the invite quick enough :(
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24th May 2011 11:48
Message from Yertle
Thanks! My Kingdom was great to port over, it really is a genius of a layout, you did an awesome job with it! I added a few more Scenarios, but will definitely pull any if they have problems or if you ever see anything negative with them. Thanks again for allowing me to bring your awesome boards over!
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12th Apr 2011 12:08
Message from Yertle
Heya Cumber, if you get some spare time I thought you may be interested in this board design competition, http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/1502p1/First_Vote_for_Map_Making_CollectiveCompetition ? Competition is 2 months to have a Pangea themed board through Dev and ready to be voted on and put together in a collection. tom's thrown in a $100 prize as well. Hope all is well and hope you can perhaps make the competition! =Yertle
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31st Mar 2011 11:14
Message from Yertle
1st Cumberdale Classic is Live! http://www.wargear.net/boards/view/Mall+of+the+Dead Oblivion is in Review, Resistance is in testing (pretty much ready I think), and My Kingdom is in testing (and creation of Scenarios).
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15th Dec 2010 18:30
Message from Nikolai
The 2-player, version, obviously.
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15th Dec 2010 18:30
Message from Nikolai
Salem's Dusk Deluxe, is the winning strategy: be player 1; guard the Church door; take all your opponents homes in a few turns; conquer any buildings that he or she occupied in the meantime?
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15th Dec 2010 11:50
Message from RiskyBack
On Salem's Dusk Deluxe the map has 8 Attacks printed above the gas station even though the game gives 13 attacks. You can either update the graphics in a copy and promote the new version or you can email the graphics to Yertle or tom and they can update it. I think that's the case, at least.
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8th Dec 2010 15:28
Message from Jigler
Hey bro thanks for the review! I really owe a lot of my map-making ability to you, you're a master. :) i'm definitely honored to have a perfect review by you on one of my boards. Blessings!
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3rd Dec 2010 16:28
Message from Conan
Will you be bringing the "My Kingdom" map to WG?
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22nd Nov 2010 20:01
Message from nullsignal
happy anniversary! You've been here a year!
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16th Nov 2010 01:26
Message from Gimli
The Wargear world rejoices at the releases!! Awesome! Now how about a wargear exclusive, like Zombie Island!?!?!?!
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11th Nov 2010 23:27
Message from RiskyBack
The new Bomb Factory is great! I love the looks and the gameplay actually makes more sense here than it did on ToS. I also love Salem's Dusk, but you knew that. I'm looking forward to what you are doing with Mall of the Dead. I haven't seen it yet and I sucked at it on ToS so I'm really excited. Oh, and I am reading "John Dies at the End" and I am just curious if you read it and what you thought if you did. Half way through it and I'm all like Meh
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8th Nov 2010 00:04
Message from Yertle
Thanks! Tom has done an excellent job with the site and made it very quick and easy to use and develop on. It's been fun! P.S. Project: Oblivion!!!
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27th Oct 2010 12:09
Message from Yertle
Same as Mongrel: http://www.wargear.net/games/view/33964
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