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7th May 2021 20:46
Message from KissinTiddies10
Hi is it possible to toggle off the game history on your civil war board?
#21 of 21
19th Feb 2014 08:57
Message from Aiken Drumn
How about your Bloom board? I can see you have thoroughly mastered it, care to give me any times? It is proving to be my nemesis! lol. If I had a bit more luck with it I'll start launching a lot more games of it, make it a more popular board, it deserves it imo.
#20 of 21
19th Dec 2012 15:18
Message from Aiken Drumn
Don't suppose you've had chance to think about a non-cascading Civil War Map?
#19 of 21
1st Sep 2012 19:22
Message from Azorsah
Hey Viper, My firends and I love your Civil War Game. But, is there any chance of having a version where the card reinforcements are standard. Maybe always 8. because of the increase, it all comes dow to who you take out and when, like many other boards, despite the uniqueness of this one. Just having a different scenario where the cards are altered would be great, thanks. Keep up the good work!
#18 of 21
9th Jul 2012 16:15
Message from Big Ady
Hi Viper, love the Civil War board, any chance you can do one for Great Britain with all the counties (should be able to get plenty of territories)
#17 of 21
7th Jun 2012 03:58
Message from ratsy
Sad to see the boot! We could go down in frat history!
#16 of 21
19th Mar 2012 03:58
Message from ratsy
I need a couple of peeps to help test out a board I created, and because it's inspired by your civil war board, I thought I'd ask. R U Game?
#15 of 21
12th Jun 2011 22:06
Message from Mad Bomber
#14 of 21
15th May 2011 19:28
Message from BlackDog
Hey, I wanted to say that Wargate Atlantis is a visually stunning map, definitely pushing the envelope. So far it seems determined to shut me down, luck wise, but we'll see!
#13 of 21
30th Mar 2011 17:42
Message from titanzania
hello! after the churchill propsition: O.K!but Only if you live my Italia, Spain ,Portugal and North Africa. Deal for 3 turns
#12 of 21
22nd Dec 2010 10:17
Message from rawr
I'd be in, assuming you're going to use some of those 60+ stockpiles against him? Otherwise there's not much in it for me, as either way I lose.
#11 of 21
3rd Nov 2010 22:49
Message from AdamN
nice game in starstruck right until the end. Good Win!
#10 of 21
24th Oct 2010 23:36
Message from Mongrel
We're (you me alpha) in quite the carousel for #10.
#9 of 21
22nd Oct 2010 15:23
Message from RiskyBack
Sorry but in that game of Rent I was trying to break both of you at the same time staying in the game. He had 17 on the foosball table and I had 34 units in the door and you had 28 in the other door. I was hoping I could have 10 left after breaking you, break him and then still have enough to defend. If I went for the elim of Seige and failed you'd get his cards and mine and that would have totally given you the game. I took a big risk and failed. Nothing more to it than that. I wasn't giving him the game, I was trying to win but relying on the dice way tooooooo much! Always a pleasure!
#8 of 21
6th Oct 2010 20:19
Message from toreyk482
truce for now? black is getting WAY too powerful in the south
#7 of 21
8th Sep 2010 13:39
Message from RiskyBack
See comment just below this one, please
#6 of 21
27th Aug 2010 11:32
Message from RiskyBack
For that Helix game you just eliminated me in I say...... YOU SUCK!!!! P.S. Good game and great map!
#5 of 21
29th Jun 2010 00:05
Message from Seige07
I've tried a few games on the Bloom board. I'll give it some more testing though.
#4 of 21
4th Jun 2010 12:16
Message from Edward Nygma
No worries, I'll change it. It's been sitting on my boards list since April, and I finally put the finishing touches on it last night, didn't realize you had a board with the same name. I'll figure something out.
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28th Apr 2010 20:02
Message from mjhodges
take the star road viper - green is getting 13 + units every turn...
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