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  • Status: Live
  • Version: 2.0
  • Designer: Raptor
  • Rating:
  • Rating Score: 7.77 out of 10 [30 ratings]
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Created Date: 10th Jan 2012
  • Release Date: 12th Jan 2010
  • Games Played: 361

Design Information
Territories 44
Continents 16
Advanced Features Border Modifiers
Board Settings
Gameplay Turn Based
Available Players
2 3 4 5
Card Sets Worth 4,6,8,10,12,14,16
Territory Selection Automatic
Unit Placement Automatic
Starting Setup Scenario based
Capital Cities Off
Teamplay Enabled
Fog Setting None
Fog Override Enabled
Open Games 0
Seat Color Team Starting Cards Starting Bonus Win Condition
1 Red Default Default
2 Purple Default Default
3 Blue Default Default
4 Green Default Default
5 Yellow Default Default
6 Orange Default Default
7 Black Default Default

Board Description

Marnon was a tiny island kingdom located in a lost ocean of the distant past.

Long ago, powerful warlords battled each other and the fantastic creatures existing there for the right to reign over Marnon. However, the battles raged for eons and with such fierceness that a great wizard, called Peacemaker, finally intervened.

Peacemaker chose not to forcefully deprive the warlords of their competition, but rather channeled it toward a quest which would select the fittest as rightful King of Marnon, thereby ending all bloodshed forever.


All Castles are continents worth +2 each. Holding all 8 Castles will be rewarded with +3 armies.

All 6 continents have 6 territories and are worth +3 armies.

Attacks across the two bridges defend at +1.

Marls Gate and Earthen Pass are connected by The Great Tunnel. Holding both ends of The Great Tunnel will be rewarded with +2 armies. Attacks through The Great Tunnel attack at -1.

Gameplay Settings

Gameplay TypeTurn Based
Return to unit placement from attackOff
Return to attack after fortifyOff
Number of attacks allowedUnlimited
Number of fortifies allowed2
Multiple attacksOn
Allow fortificationBordered
Allow abandonment of territoriesOff
Abandoned territories revert to neutralImmediately
Fog typeNone
Allow override of fog settingYes
Game historyShow

Team Settings

Teamplay EnabledYes
Team VisionOn
Team Unit PlacementOn
Team Unit TransferOn
Team Factory ProductionOff


Card CaptureOn
Maximum number of cards allowed5
Card values4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24
Must capture non-empty territory to earn cardOn
Card deckA:18 B:18 C:18 W:2

Bonuses, Limits and Dice

Grant 1 unit per x territories owned3
Minimum bonus units per turn3
Elimination bonus0
Capturing of reserves on eliminationOn
Maximum reserve units0
Maximum units per territoryUnlimited
Auto Assign Factories
Number of sides on Attacker's Dice6
Number of sides on Defender's Dice6

Initial Setup

Initial setupSetup based
Lock seat colorsOff
Lock seat orderOff
Lock starting bonus to:Color
Allow seat selectionNone
Number of units per Territory3
Territory selectionAutomatic
Unit placementAutomatic
Neutral countNone
Neutral Factories
Use team names defined in ColorsOff
Allow players to choose seats / teamsNone