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What else can be done with a square grid?

UPDATE: One career ends, another begins... I shall lurk indefinitely.

Thanks for all the reviews of Five, Seven, and Ten. Nice to see our maps bring enjoyment/confusion.

Update: 10/7 Hi! Bye!

12/12/15 update: hopping the fence... I'm currently a wayfaring renegade mathematician. Check out my new website:


there you'll find a paper about conquer odds coauthored with Alpha and two others.

Mongrel's Wall

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4th Apr 2016 15:44
Message from Master Bratac
The best maps!
#41 of 41
13th Dec 2015 12:47
Message from asm
That paper looks awesome!
#40 of 41
19th Jan 2015 21:23
Message from asm
Hey bud. Thanks for the legacy you left here with your work on some great boards. Hope all is well for you.
#39 of 41
21st Apr 2012 05:18
Message from Aiken Drumn
#38 of 41
21st Sep 2011 14:45
Message from Master Bratac
Supplication for the supplanted.
#37 of 41
7th Aug 2011 12:11
Message from Master Bratac
A sad ending to your career?
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2nd Jun 2011 00:37
Message from weathertop
sequence isn't going anywhere, so you can play it when you get back. and i won't be doin any more work on it until i get some good feedback that will inspire me to spend more time on it...:^0
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4th Apr 2011 05:43
Message from Tesctassa II
Hey Mong! I'm working on the trophy, so I should be able to make it today. About the 7 trophy, is it ok if it resemble the one for 5? :)
#34 of 41
3rd Apr 2011 18:57
Message from Tesctassa II
Hey, sry if I didn't completed the trophy yet but my thesis is keeping me busy and I end up forgetting about it! I'll try to do it these next days (hopefully I'll buy the premium membership as well, so I'll be able to send PM again!) =)
#33 of 41
27th Mar 2011 11:45
Message from Tesctassa II
I Mong! I guess I could send you the Five trophy as well, since I'm not premium member anymore and can't start the tournament. I still don't have the trophy ready, sry. But as soon as I'll have it, I'll tell you :) And I'll try to prepare someone for 7 as well! =D
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11th Mar 2011 00:10
Message from BlackDog
Ah, yeah, I was trying to make a joke.. but it wasn't a very good one :)
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5th Mar 2011 23:05
Message from BlackDog
On Djembe's wall ;)
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5th Mar 2011 11:41
Message from BlackDog
I quit the site?
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22nd Feb 2011 12:44
Message from Master Bratac
Weak playing on Tree Of Death.
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17th Feb 2011 21:14
Message from Master Bratac
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2nd Feb 2011 20:18
Message from Edward Nygma
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2nd Feb 2011 15:42
Message from Edward Nygma
You need a new picture.
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15th Dec 2010 14:50
Message from Master Bratac
Prepare to be supplanted on the Five leaderboard.
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28th Nov 2010 00:25
Message from RECON
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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6th Nov 2010 02:18
Message from BTdubs
Word. Who's got some Blind-At-Once action going on?
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