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4th Feb 2024 01:45
Message from Ozyman
Hey SB - just saw your post on my board about Finite State Machine. It's definitely a different style board and slow moving, but I think I found your game and looks like you won it. Any further questions? Feel free to PM me or post in the forums.
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2nd Nov 2015 14:49
Message from Isfelt
seems I should cancel game 10-29c, no one else joined. Hopefully catch up to you later. Is
#20 of 21
25th Oct 2014 22:01
Message from Itchy
You should focus on taking Greenland and Africa instead of fighting me, we're teammates remember? http://www.wargear.net/games/view/399179
#19 of 21
17th Sep 2013 18:50
Message from ActionRaccoon
Oopps I ment Western Europe.
#18 of 21
17th Sep 2013 18:47
Message from ActionRaccoon
If you allow me to make camp in Eastern Europe, Ill help you set up camp in North America.
#17 of 21
27th Aug 2013 11:04
Message from Kancercakes
In Be Aware- Ant board. I think we need to focus a bit on Lui. He is building a lot of troops and can do some major damage. How about 2 rounds of only attacking Lui, then we can go back to a free for all.
#16 of 21
12th Aug 2013 15:36
Message from BTdubs
Well done and well deserved in the seven kings tournament.
#15 of 21
27th Oct 2012 14:47
Message from Mzunghu
on Antastic , a few rounds truth to slow down Sam ? what do you think ?
#14 of 21
10th Oct 2012 07:23
Message from bmasera
In the game "September" I thought maybe you'd go up and take Montana? Now you've turned back. So now I'm just confused where you're planning on going and if you just want to be a neighbour, or an enemy?
#13 of 21
26th Sep 2012 19:51
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey Man, You ever team talk? Coordination wins wars yo.
#12 of 21
26th Sep 2012 13:06
Message from timmy888
#11 of 21
7th Aug 2012 23:35
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey Man, Your time is about to run out in AA map. I don't know if it skips or boots. Hope everything is cool.
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23rd May 2012 12:41
Message from Lord Adam
Truce between Greenland and Russia in the Mediterranean War game?
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8th Feb 2012 11:58
Message from Lew
Green is running away with this game. I will not attack you if you do not attack me.
#8 of 21
1st Feb 2012 08:03
Message from vlajzi83
purpule, you should concentrate all sout-america troops in Chile, and try to break orenge's bonus in okeania. Blue will not attack you. Me and green have truce, and we must cooperate if we want to survive. Orange and Red have big bonus, we must break them... blue attacks black, green attacks white... but orange and red will win this if we dont stop them. i'm giving all my troops to blue for that couse.
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21st Sep 2011 03:26
Message from gazz
lol,not sure whats in that cannister jar,but we gotta start working on grey,ok? ris,i think is good with that
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5th Sep 2011 13:34
Message from AdamN
Nice job kicking my butt in Appamatox. You cost me my 1st place on the board and you walked all over me from the beginning. Good playing and hope to play a rematch later.
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26th Aug 2011 16:58
Message from nullsignal
Hooray for Rasputin's Dick In a Jar! Nice! I guess!
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29th Jul 2011 15:43
Message from Beastlymaster
Ok, what is your picture of.
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28th Jan 2011 14:12
Message from Flavor
on worms 1, I have no interest in fighting you atm. you have bigger fish to fry, I only plan to push toolman out of my area and leave you to your business...
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