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11th Dec 2012 18:07
Message from Angusjustice
Good to have you on the NEW WORLD ORDER TEAM Cheers!
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4th Jul 2012 23:21
Message from selvatiloco
in killer ants 16.3, if you take out Tunnel F3 to finish off the last army I somehow couldn't kill, you will get 4 cards and I will not attack you in Hole G. We both win. You get extra cards to fight to your south and I don't have that 1 troop turning into vast armies to counterattack me. You could just take this info and slaughter me, but I think it'd be more mutually beneficial for you to notice your opportunity for cards so you can fight south and have an ally on that front.
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28th May 2012 11:42
Message from TrizOz
yo papa, alors comme ça on casse les alliances sans prévenir ??? :)
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24th May 2012 04:39
Message from TrizOz
yo poto jviens de voir ton message, ah merde !! t'as essayé en chat ..?? car ça marche jamais de mon côté, j'ai pas les alertes c relou !! Bon on dégage le bleu c'est parti ça me va !! :) Pas le droit de s'attaquer tant qu'il y a du bleu sur cette map ok poto ? Je rentre à Malte ce Vendredi après de belles aventures.. ça va me faire bizarre, allez la bise papa
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29th Aug 2011 19:13
Message from Plentyenuf
You are getting pretty thin attacking yellow. Be careful. :)
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17th May 2011 11:31
Message from Afrikan
where in tanzania are you from? are you still there? I am a muzungu from kenya in texas
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