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3rd Feb 2024 21:11
Message from Motts
Would love to chat about board design. I took my first stab at making one this past week and I have a new appreciation for what you have accomplished!
#42 of 42
3rd Apr 2023 14:59
Message from SillyBastard
#41 of 42
12th Mar 2022 18:29
Message from happyguy
Hey Ozyman, foud you off Reddit.
#40 of 42
17th Jun 2021 15:55
Message from bruiser
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Invention board!!
#39 of 42
27th Mar 2021 17:29
Message from General Biosis
Hey Ozy! Thanks so much for making such kick-ass games, especially Invention II. You've brought so much happiness and fun to our gang of gamers! Question - have you ever thought about making an Invention III? That would be so cool! Thanks so much for your time, -General Biosis
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26th Mar 2018 16:29
Message from AP0CALYP5E
Hey OZY this scenario you created says we can't make a game b/cit isn't available for public beta.
#37 of 42
21st Feb 2018 23:56
Message from AP0CALYP5E
Hey Ozyman, would you mind doing a scenario on simple world that allows players to take turns selecting their territories?
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13th Jul 2017 20:09
Message from Thingol
My compliments on Invention 2.0...even better than the original, both in graphics and gameplay. Very well done.
#35 of 42
29th Jul 2015 20:26
Message from BTdubs
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27th Dec 2014 19:12
Message from timmy888
I think Iwo Jima has a glitch. You can skip placement if you have excess troops, resulting in a bomb out because yo cannot take an action.
#33 of 42
19th Apr 2014 17:33
Message from Woody
Just created another crystal caves game if you want to join it as well! Happy gearing
#32 of 42
28th Feb 2014 12:35
Message from PurpleGnome
I'm glad you joined. I love your board.
#31 of 42
19th Feb 2014 21:31
Message from timmy888
to be fair the irking had to with die, not tactics and i regretted my posting shortly after, well the posting
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25th Oct 2013 17:48
Message from sostupid
hey oz...what's happening with "Learn to Read"? i dig that board but it's still not avail to create a game with.
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16th Aug 2013 01:48
Message from Kav
I think it passed. Unbelievable. Congrats!
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23rd Jul 2013 14:01
Message from Kav
Hey! Have sent you mail. Hope you got it.
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14th May 2013 15:27
Message from CALIGULA
In that risk game, that's fine, we'll either let him terminate as well when we give him everything we got or if he doesn't we'll take him out and terminate it.
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13th May 2013 16:00
Message from CALIGULA
Ozyman that Risk game with vojinsek is going nowhere, although I don't care for alliances how about we both attack to force him to vote for termination as we both have.
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7th May 2013 02:06
Message from 37
Hey Ozyman, I'm playing the barbarians scenario in the invention game and I have a question for you. Will I win the game if I conquer all 4 capital cities? I have 2 capitals and I can easily take the other 2. There are 5 player in the game and none of them have taken a capital city so they wont be eliminated if I take a neutral capital. That's why I'm wondering if I'll have to eliminate them even if I take the capitals or if I will automatically win once I've captured all the capital cities. Thanks in advance. Love the game.
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12th Mar 2013 09:51
Message from Aiken Drumn
You should join in! http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/2414plast/FORUM_GAME:_Roll_to_Dodge#last
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