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15th Jul 2011 17:21
Message from Reggio_E
p.s. now i'm in war whit white... if you'll help me i will appreciate ;)
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15th Jul 2011 17:20
Message from Reggio_E
i remember you, dear enemy, that this is not a game, it's pure war ;-) sorry for my seriously words, may be my english is a bit strong... i will put a bit of sugar in my words in the future ;-)
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13th Jul 2011 12:28
Message from Reggio_E
i attacked white!!! are you happy now? so what do you do? i hope you don't attack me now. so i will continue to attack you!!!
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13th Jul 2011 12:07
Message from Reggio_E
hi flavour! you asked me why i keep attacking you instead of white. white is not my friend, i don't know him. i attack you instead of him 'cause you are my neighbour. white is in the other side of the map. do you understard? sorry for my bad english
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17th May 2011 00:41
Message from General Patton
hey flavor !!! can you give me your unit in australie please!!! tha
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31st Dec 2010 02:25
Message from kinetix
Snitchezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ^_^
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23rd Dec 2010 17:01
Message from kinetix
Flavorrrrr!!!! That antastic game was bs... the small guy with no units decided to use his card turn in to weaken me instead of the bigger threat. I coulda had a chance and i was going to let you live but oh well :(
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23rd Dec 2010 12:46
Message from Gimli
It's easy to 2nd guess yourself in a fog game. I just had one player saying how much you owned, but I believe you were getting busted. But when I tested my borders, you had over 30 there, and he had 4-8 at most on his shared borders, so if you have units to spare "just in case" I attack you, you didn't seem as desperate, so I chose on those grounds. If they were used on Toto, it mighta gone down different in your favour Flavor. 3 players is a very different dynamic I'm honestly not comfortable with yet.
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28th Nov 2010 20:54
Message from alister
I have no idea how to let you out without getting my own bonuses I've trying to save up here too..
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23rd Nov 2010 15:01
Message from kinetix
flava flaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
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4th Nov 2010 11:34
Message from Gimli
lol... funny last comment. In our Euro 9 board, do you have a trade in? If so, I'll let you use it cuz u can't be killed before your turn. But if you can't and go to 5 cards, someone else will kill and may use those on me... wouldn't be very good for me... :( lol. Anyhow, I do plan to beat the others to it unless u can cash. Been fun playing with ya!
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