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25th Jun 2013 22:11
Message from Edward Nygma
Happy 3 year anniversary! I just randomly clicked on your page and the last visit and joined were the same number.
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16th Oct 2011 11:09
Message from Mad Bomber
Strong player
#11 of 12
28th Sep 2011 16:43
Message from Jigler
i appreciate the complement! yeah, i'll be up for a rematch eventually :) always a pleasure playing with you
#10 of 12
17th Sep 2011 22:10
Message from FurBabe
Very scrappy player! Great fun to play with!
#9 of 12
4th Aug 2011 15:24
Message from timmy888
Beastly one...... The boat will be mine
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15th Jul 2011 17:23
Message from Gimli
saw a forum thread? you have enemies? how do surly, grumpy dwarves end up with enemies? lol, i think we should have some beer and swap tales of all the orcs that reside here!
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14th Jul 2011 16:32
Message from dredor
if i have an idea/ideas for a map, how do i create it?
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30th Jun 2011 10:02
Message from Maine 20th
Hi. I am a crossover from Warfish and a new board designer. Was wondering if you wouldn't mind trying out a board of mine in the Dev stage. The game is called BoNJ. No worries if you don't want to though.
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24th Jun 2011 10:36
Message from General FooBar
Sorry I missed your invite to Super Metgear. Looks like a very interesting map. I'd like to give it a whirl in the near future.
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28th Mar 2011 11:34
Message from Wonder Woman
Love the fact that this is your first trophy...and what a fine one to boot!! I enjoy gaming with you. Come and defend your title in "Ticking Away the Moments...III" See you on the circuit!
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25th Mar 2011 02:09
Message from MilesTeg
Thanks for running a practice game with me. Look forward to playing with/against you in future games.
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23rd Mar 2011 17:40
Message from MilesTeg
Mind playing me on that board again? Smoked me. I'd like to have another go at it. Haha
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