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Hugh was/is the best player.....the guy has nearly 200 loses from boots

I play more than three boards....

i want equal amounts of blueberry's in every muffin

Negative 22 r 1.......

Only Thingol knows my pain

It's been fun..... very few people know 1/7

Mad Bomber's Wall

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27th Dec 2023 17:22
Message from Templaribus
Thanks for noticing... I'm just in the very bottom of that "Top Tournament Players" list though, and always being kicked out again and again LOL Respect, Sir!
#118 of 118
14th May 2022 07:02
Message from BoShek
As an individual player, stats show MB as one of the best, as a team player...clearly one of the worst. By choice!
#117 of 118
21st May 2021 13:19
Message from hootz72
I truly wish I could share Charlemagne's opinion, but I can't. Please stay out of my random teammate tourneys, I really do prefer players who don't get skipped and booted like some total newb.
#116 of 118
20th Aug 2020 13:51
Message from Charlemagne
Always a pleasure to play the Mad Bomber. Excellent player and team partner!
#115 of 118
23rd Mar 2020 23:38
Message from Amidon37
I see you are all out of games. Hope all is well.
#114 of 118
9th Aug 2018 16:36
Message from skazai
Thanks for the kind words, you aren't too shabby yourself! Working on getting top ranked in Random Mazes now
#113 of 118
17th May 2018 06:28
Message from IRsmart
(I know, I'll slow) thanks for the congrats! The immediate challenge is first to keep those 400 CP's ;) But I'm sure you know all about that!
#112 of 118
12th Apr 2017 00:03
Message from Brademonium
Are you up for playing as a team in the KING ARTHUR'S ROUND TABLE tourny? Last time we played the map together it turned out pretty well...maybe we can keep that going =)
#111 of 118
25th Mar 2017 08:09
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Average and pretty braggy player...
#110 of 118
27th Dec 2016 18:10
Message from warqueer
Amazing player, and even better teammate!!! Hope to win more tourneys with you!
#109 of 118
26th Dec 2016 13:48
Message from warqueer
Is andernut the person you asked to join us in the 3 player team?
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23rd Oct 2016 02:42
Message from Thingol
Lol, was top-ranked on 4 (not 1), but dipped to 2nd on one. What, you don't think I could shoot right to the top of the rankings if I wanted to expend the effort? Can the Cubs win the World Series? LOL.
#107 of 118
19th Sep 2016 22:37
Message from Thingol
MB, you can't keep that moniker if Berick's win percentage almost doubles yours. ;)
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15th Sep 2016 23:08
Message from BTdubs
Hey dude, thanks for the shout out, and don't mean to be contrary but... only one of us is a top ten player in the sense of you know, actual arithmetic.
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7th Sep 2016 02:59
Message from warqueer
If you can send me the link to that team tournament I would enjoy being your partner. I hid it on my tournaments page and now I cannot get back to it.
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23rd Jul 2016 08:45
Message from Chele Nica
And congrats on reaching 700 CPs!
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23rd Jul 2016 08:43
Message from Chele Nica
Thanks Bomber for your wall posting, specially as it comes from the top-ranked CP player. Look forward to meeting you on the boards again!
#102 of 118
21st Jul 2016 00:05
Message from Amidon37
700 CPs - Most impressive!
#101 of 118
6th Jul 2016 20:16
Message from Cona Chris
Congratulations on 700 CPs!
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24th Aug 2015 16:38
Message from berickf
The Mad King of WarGear! Good guy, strong player... Just try not to get between him and his blueberry muffins! So long as he's actively playing the Iron 'CP' Throne is off limits to all!
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