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Born and raised in Central America, I am a dual citizen of Nicaragua and the United States. I am married to a wonderful woman and a father of a fabulous young musician. I work as an interpreter and live in Chatham County, North Carolina.

I started playing risk as a kid in Revolutionary Nicaragua, and I'm glad to have found the game again, as well as some other amazing new boards and great new friends.

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22nd Apr 2024 00:47
Message from Templaribus
Over all the years I've been playing on the internet, Chele Nica is without a doubt one of the most upstanding people and kindest souls I've encountered! Courageous, noble and honourable. A superb teammate and an extremely skillful, wise and fair opponent. It's worth visiting WG to meet such an excellent player and genuine human being!
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4th Feb 2024 01:58
Message from Spider
Chele Nica, I'm hoping 2024 is treating you well, friend. What a good year to play more Risk together. Thanks for being part of what makes this website a positive place. I truly appreciat eyou.
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2nd Sep 2022 19:17
Message from Abishai
Hey Chele, have you been back to Nicaragua recently? It is on my destination list. Do you smoke cigars? Nicaraguan cigars are the best IMO
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20th Jul 2021 05:54
Message from Aiken Drumn
Be a Bear! http://www.wargear.net/games/join/800714
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25th Jun 2021 14:34
Message from Cona Chris
You got to #7 I see! Each step up seems harder to take though! I can't keep the momentum to pass Bomber. Hopefully I get on a roll...
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9th Mar 2021 04:54
Message from Aiken Drumn
Join me here! http://www.wargear.net/games/join/780653
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5th Jan 2021 11:13
Message from Cona Chris
Thanks - yes, it's been my thing to do while cooped up during the pandemic (Chasing number 1 spot).
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5th Oct 2020 12:28
Message from asm
Hello again Chele! Thanks for the welcoming words.
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5th May 2020 10:10
Message from Cona Chris
Congrats on the German Trophy win!
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23rd Jan 2020 02:40
Message from RUTHLEZZG
lets join up in "The Blast’em Tournament" its the other Civil War map i love and i am good on. Make a team and i will join!
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16th Oct 2019 02:44
Message from RUTHLEZZG
want to team up in this Australia Risk tournament 'love for australia'? Make a team and message me and I'll join.
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29th Sep 2019 08:31
Message from sirdakka
Haha thanks for noticing, but I've mostly been playing on a handful of boards so I think you'll pull away in no time! GOod luck :)
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8th Feb 2019 09:00
Message from sirdakka
And now you're leaving me in the dust, well played :)
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13th Oct 2018 11:03
Message from Charlemagne
Congrats, Chele Nica on becomming a 3 star general. Excellent!
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3rd Sep 2017 07:39
Message from sirdakka
Better get your running shoes on then :D
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27th Aug 2017 16:58
Message from sirdakka
Haha, you're forum post gave me a target to aim for ;)
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21st May 2017 11:44
Message from sirdakka
Friendy and tough opponent on every board!
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9th Mar 2017 09:30
Message from Amidon37
Thanks for the note. Lots of good players here and I often feel I'm not worthy of that rank.
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3rd Feb 2017 13:26
Message from Thingol
Thanks for the map review Chele. Classy as usual. 🙂
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15th Sep 2016 08:03
Message from berickf
They're largely mutually exclusive from each other and I find that one is a representation of excellence while the other is merely a dog and pony show. So, I don't think I'll be joining that circus any time soon!
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